Nuendo 13 - Insert Silence

I can’t get insert silence to work on a fairly large project. Delete time works though.

I opened the project in N12 and performed insert silence there then re-opened in N13 and kept working.

Mate sure you do not have rulers selected when you go to insert the silence.

I can’t double check this now as I’m just posting from phone.

Thanks Phil. There are ruler tracks in the project. Could the fact that the project has ruler tracks be the problem in N13? It has never been a problem in N12 as I use ruler tracks all the time and frequently use insert silence.

The function appears to operate differently in N13 compared to N12. In N12, I could set my left and right locators, and when inserting silence, it would add time to all tracks regardless of the selected ones. However, in N13, it seems the function only works with the range tool and affects only the selected tracks.


This is a known issue. If the Ruler track is present in the project, the Insert Silence doesn’t work as expected.

This is going to be fixed in the 1st maintenance update.


Good to know, thanks. I’ll remove ruler tracks until further notice.