Nuendo 13

Could you please let us know what bugs you’re talking about? I’m sure there are several people that haven’t yet started on v13 yet that would like to know.


My guess is that, unfortunately, Dolby wins out mostly because of their name and because they were first. I think for music, the immersive fad will pass, just like surround did, and we’ll only see a bit actually made for Atmos, and some other stuff just quickly plugin-upsampled. I think music will largely continue to be stereo, as that’s just how people listen to it.

For film it seems like it’ll probably stick around, but that is where Dolby just has a stranglehold. Maybe theaters will hop over to MPEG-H but to the extent any of them are doing it, it seems to be Atmos. All the receivers out there support Atmos, most support DTS-X, only a couple support MPEG-H.

I mean I hope I’m wrong, but I’ve noticed that once a format gets its claws in, everything seems to stick with that, even if there’s a better solution that comes later.

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You will need to upgrade your monitoring setup too. If not Internally Atmos even in a 7.1.4 monitoring setup is always 9.1.6 as the beds are always 7.1.2

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Could you reword that please? I don’t really understand what you mean.

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Atmos is basically 7.1.2 bed plus 118 mono Objects, Object’s can be interpreted to 7.1.4, or even bigger space such as 9.1.6 monitoring setup or even larger spaces with even lager speaker layout. If you can afford it. Otherwise a 7.1.4 is minimum for a 14 by 16 foot studio space.

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[quote=“MattiasNYC, post:200, topic:876348”] Could you please tell us what bugs you are talking about? I’m sure there are several people who haven’t started on v13 yet and would like to know[/quote].

After 2 minutes of research (I haven’t checked everything for validity), and there are more:


You’re right. So, no 9.1.4? It jumps from 7.1.4 to 9.1.6 , Curious and disappointing. But 9.1.4 is well documented in Dolby Atmos.

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Yes, I’ll make a note. I wanted to add 2 widths in front, but I’ll also have to add 2 centers to the ceiling. I hesitate.

Thanks Rajiv.

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Well maybe you should have checked before asserting that the number is huge and what is huge are bugs. A lot of times when new versions come out people a) don’t install correctly / fully, b) don’t understand new features, c) don’t realize old features have been moved or removed, d) unknowingly change settings leading to things not happening when they think they should… and so on. So it’s not all bugs.

First link: Undefined error. Could be a bug. Could be something else.

2nd: Not new issue in N13, existed in N12, and the issue as described works for user MAS.

3rd: Could be a bug. Could be something else. Surely if media and samples were missing due to a bug most would mention this.

4th: User error.

5th: Same as first link.

6th: Not a bug. Works as intended.

7th: Could be a bug. Could be something else. My hunch tells me this is an installation problem, not a bug.

8th: User error / resolved by user.

9th: Could be a bug.

10th: User error.

11th: Could be a bug.

12th: Bug.

13th: Bug, or so it seems.

14th: Could be a bug. Could be user error.

15th: Not a bug. Option removed.

So I’d say it’s far from clear that we’re dealing with a “huge number”.


I think it’s a language / translation problem.

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I don’t work for SB and don’t have the time to check. I think that the bugs cited (and confirmed by you), after a very short search, seem significant, enough to add a layer of hesitation about moving from N12 to N13, or at least waiting for the corrected versions. Especially in addition to the rest related to the too-quickly-made interface, which SB admits it needs to correct. That’s what I was saying, nothing more.

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Yes, it’s something to keep an eye on. Personally, I don’t do it enough, in the hubbub of exchanges. But if I re-translate into French my texts already translated from French into English, it’s a circus, or at least some weirdness. It doesn’t help to understand. That’s why I try to write in short sentences, without metaphors, but it’s not easy.

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Add this:

Voice separator… Underwhelmed - Nuendo - Steinberg Forums

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I think with every new major version like this, you should expect to be some issues. You install it, you test it on your projects/workflow. You only put it in production if you’re satisfied that it works for you. In the meantime you keep the previous/stable version around for current projects, until you know that the new version works.

But without trying the new version you won’t know if it will work on your specific workflows. Sometimes you can imply that from other users’ experience. But that’s of limited value, as they may have different systems, use different features, have different data, don’t operate the software the same way.

Keep in mind that we have some ~50 people here noting various problems. How many hundreds of users have upgraded and not said anything here. For the most part people only post if they have problems, not when they’re happy. You have to account for this bias.

Was it the smoothest new version of an app I’ve experienced? Definitely not. Is it worse than what usually happens? No, not at all. Is it frustrating? Well, it’s software. Nothing is ever non frustrating at some level with software. But such is the nature of very complex systems. We could be doing this all by hand on analog, and maybe it wouldn’t be as frustrating, but you wouldn’t be able to do the same things.

Such is life in the 21st century high tech world.


Good point.

I think cmbourget is a bit overreacting. That’s a lot of complaining already.

For me to be honest it works great, apart from some minor stuff that will be resolved in the first maintenance updates. I don’t even use 12 anymore, and I’m in the middle of a 12 episodes series. Seamless transition here!

The GUI in the other hand… it really is a disaster in my opinion. Designers all over the world are mourning for Cubendo right now.


I dunno, it seems to be the style of things these days. I haven’t used it enough to really have a good opinion but the flat style is what is currently “in”. Studio One is very flat, which some people say makes it look “modern”. Windows, Android, also very flat.

Some of it is just style, some of it is practical in that flat graphics are often easier to do as vector graphics, which means they can be scaled to arbitrary DPI better.

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Ok, but until you actually pay attention to what you’re posting it’s just FUD, and quite frankly we don’t need more of that.

I disagree. The “maybe it’s a bug” items are really just “maybe it’s a bug”. The only two I saw that seemed to be confirmed to be bugs seem relatively minor. Regardless, two isn’t a ‘huge number’, which was my point.

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Of course you can. So it’s wise to wait for future updates, when the important thing is more work than experimentation. I’m not saying that SB is problematic here, on this particular point. I’m just saying that it’s wise to wait unless we’re prepared to suffer a little…

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This exchange is going nowhere. I’ll stop here.

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#11 turned out to be user error as well.

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