Nuendo 13 on my apple silicon works unstable

Nuendo 13 on my Apple Silicon (Mac Studio Ultra M1 OS 14.1.1) is extremely unstable. I am using your AXR4U audio interface with new drivers. I am very disappointed.
Gentlemen at Steinberg, you should thoroughly test your future products on all platforms before offering them to customers. Nuendo 12 with final fixes worked much more stable for me. This is frustrating.

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Does it work better in Rosetta mode (assuming that still exists in OS 14)? I just ran across an issue that resolved it once I switched Nuendo 13 back to Rosetta mode (which is what I was using for N12 until now because of some plugins).

Of course it should work in native mode, and this is definitely disappointing.

I don’t want to use the Rosetta mod as a matter of principle. Simply, everything must work regularly in native mode.
Imagine, even the gain trim for the AXR4 preamps doesn’t respond to the mouse wheel.

It seems that now we are all in the function of testers of programs that we do not only for free, but we have paid them to be given the honorary roles of testers.

I’m using N13 in Rosetta mode with same computer than you, mainly for the MPEX algorithm. We work on dubbing and we use time stretch with MPEX every time. I seem it works fine in Rosetta. I tried Apple Silicon mode and no issues found, but major part of time we turn to Rosetta because MPEX is no available in Apple Silicon.
Do you know what is the alternative to MPEX for speech?

The people from Steinberg had enough time to adapt everything to the Apple Silicon platform. As I said, I don’t want to use Rosetta mode as a matter of principle.
Personally, I would be ashamed to have a company that is several decades old, has so many users and allows itself such outbursts.

You don’t seem too happy with this update, of course. I’d like to get loose Rosetta and work on native mode. I’ll try to find a substitute to MPEX but for voices I think this is the best algorithm. Only a couple of days testing several new options and never found N13 unusable in native mode. No cracks or heavy issues.
A real big issue for me, independently of native or Rosetta mode, is that now remote controllers (DM2000 and AVID Artis mix) can’t select several tracks anymore. Only last selected track remains when you’re using select buttons and shift keyboard key. You can select several tracks with mouse in mixer window and you can edit them together with remote controller, but unable to do the selection with controller. I’ll continue investiganting but I think it’s a bug of the new mixer windows that I expect to be solved soon.
I’ll keep posting if any news.

I agree that by now native mode should work as enough time has passed. But I’m less principled and more pragmatic in this case. And if you want to spread blame, send it to Apple for changing CPUs all the time (68000, x86, M1-3). While Apple Silicon is a good step forward on many fronts, the combined tax they’ve levied on the entire software industry is huge. We’ve lost at least a year’s worth of feature improvements across the industry, whether you’re an Apple user or a PC user…

That aside, I’ve had a few days of good luck with N13 in native mode. The only reason I had to switch back to Rosetta is because N13 in native mode doesn’t connect to the Dolby Atmos Renderer. Not sure if that’s a Nuendo issue or a Dolby issue, but something isn’t running in native mode yet.

Apple’s processor changes are not that frequent. You’re looking at it over a very large time frame. It’s enough that we agreed that they had time to adapt, but they didn’t, and that’s why we’re in a problem. I hope to have everything working in Nuendo 13 by the end of next year.

With all due respect, but @allklier and @Dolfo… don’t you think you are dragging this thread into the wrong direction. Dolfo: Open a new thread “good alternative to MPEX” and also the question was not really wether apple’s choice to change to an ARM architecture is a good or a bad thing.
@ACATON Can you describe a litte more specific what exactly goes wrong? Might make it easier for others to actually help.

Not necessarily. As a matter of testing, it’s important to understand if the described stability problem is just the application itself being released pre-maturely with too many defects still open in the new release, or if the problem is specific to native mode, which while it has gotten a lot better in the last year, remains an issue in some aspects. That’s an important insight to help address the main problem of being able to run a stable workspace.

Depending on the conclusion of that test, you then can decide that it’s ok to run in Rosetta mode for a while longer while the remaining issues are being ironed out. I’ve been running N12 in Rosetta mode for the entire time, and had to keep doing it for N13 for one specific feature apparently still not working in native mode. There’s nothing wrong with doing so, unless you are taking a ‘principled’ approach and refuse.

In an ideal world native mode should be fully supported and stable, and in an ideal world no app ships with bugs and fully supports all hardware configs, particularly ones that are presumably reference configs as they are from the same company’s hardware. Meanwhile, we know that this reality doesn’t exist, because today’s configuration matrices are super big, customer expectations are very high with a dose of NIMBY, and dev budgets are more constrained than they used to be.

So we all have to be flexible and work together to make this work. Step one is to narrow down where the problem is, step two is finding acceptable temporary work arounds, and step three is reminding the company that fixing this is a priority - in what based on this forum discussion is a very long list they will never get to the bottom off.

All that is germane to the title of the thread and the OP’s question.

PS: And yes, Arm is a fascinating technological advance for Apple and much good has come from it. But industry wide (not just audio post) we’ve lost a year of feature innovation and bug fixing as a result. It’s a cost that you cannot ignore if you take issue with the number of things that should have been fixed. You can’t have your cake and eat it as the saying goes.