Nuendo 5.5 activation code issue resolved

Dear Nuendo 5 customer,

Thank you very much for your patience regarding the stop of the activation code distribution for Nuendo 5.5, which we announced a few days ago.

We would like to inform you that, as of now, the stop of the activation code distribution has been cancelled and that we shall re-start disseminating new activation codes for Nuendo 5.5 to those who register Nuendo starting from today.

Please note the following:
Although the distribution stop has been revoked, the activation codes for Nuendo 5.5 / NEK 5.5 are distributed to the MySteinberg accounts with a delay of 2 working days. This means that the next distribution wave of activation codes will take place on Monday, August 8th in the morning hours. From mid of next week, we will be able to reduce the delay to a couple of hours.

Activation codes will solely be displayed in your MySteinberg account. Please copy the activation code(s) for the Nuendo 5.5 / NEK 5.5 update (if applicable) and enter them, as usual, in the eLicenser Control Center in order to receive the Nuendo 5.5 / NEK 5.5 (if applicable) license. Thank you for your understanding and we apologize again for any inconvenience this may have caused.

If you still notice problems, please contact our support team. Thanks.

We hope you enjoy the new features of Nuendo 5.5!


Thank you Timo. :smiley:

Sorry, guess I missed this…Are we to uninstall V 5.1? I’m getting a loopmash crash when trying to open the new 5.5

Windows 7 pro

Be sure to update your eLicenser driver.


It’s been a few days since I registered. Exactly where in MySteinberg would I expect to find the N5.5 activation codes?

Please send a mail to support.


I too haven’t got codes for 5.5 and the Nek and when I go to the “Support request form” in my steinberg all I get is the address for yamaha in Australia, Im not in the mood to write and send a letter. Can I just get an email address?


Hello, Hi…I’m nuendo user…v5.1… I Have download 5.5 nuendo Updater

from steinberg home few days ago…

but i can not find my activation code in my steinberg Account page…

please …send my activation code to my e-mail.or Show my steinberg start page…

please … Help Me…

Please send a mail to Hamburg support.


Sure, would be happy to if I could find an email address someplace. Every ‘support’ link I follow sends me back to here:
Which is completly useless.


It’s in your “MySteinberg” account.
On the left side, named “Support”.


Thank you Fredo…
i sent mail to Hamburg Support Team… to Chris Beuermann…
with my eMail Address.

and i"m Waiting…

Thank You^^

ktyjyj and Dave Cooper, we are going to add the Nuendo 5.5 activation code to your account within the next hour. Once you have logged in to your MySteinberg then, you will see the new activation codes.

Thanks heaps, got the NEK code just need the Nuendo one.

And I’m still not sure where I should see the Hamburg support email address, No where under ‘Support’ in my steinberg do I get an email address. Under ‘support’ I have the ‘Support Request Form’ (aswell as knowlesge base and forum) which just takes me to a page with yamaha australias snail mail address and a link to their website.


Thank You ! EdDoll.
I Solved Problem.
Now, I can see My Activation Code in my SteinbergAccount Page^^

I Appreciate Your Concern… Thank You…


Thanks for the code for the NEK but I still dont have a code for Nuendo…


Great Nek all updated, cant use it without the nuendo code…

As you live in Australia, Yamaha is responsible for support. You can find it on this page at the bottom:

Regarding the Nuendo 5.5 code, I can see that a code has been delivered. If you still do not see it within your account, could you please send me a screenshot of the MySteinberg page with the received activation codes?
I am going to send you the code we delivered as a PM as well.

I thought I must have put the worng country in my profile but its correct, seems ‘My Steinberg’ doesn’t know the difference between Australia and New Zealand. :slight_smile:

No, because in both cases Yamaha Australia is responsible for you. There is no dedicated suport in New Zealand.