Nuendo 5.5 unveiled - free update from Nuendo 5 / NEK 5

Dear forum members,

I’m happy to announce that Nuendo 5.5 / NEK 5.5 are now available as a download free of charge for registered Nuendo 5 / NEK 5 users from the Steinberg websites. If you’ve already registered your Nuendo 5 license, you will automatically receive an email with an activation code and further instructions regarding the installation. Alternatively, the activation code is also shown in your MySteinberg area.
 Please find the information regarding the installation procedure below.

New features of Nuendo 5.5 at a glance:
• Multitrack Editing with intelligent transient hitpoint detection and phase stable audio quantization
• Advanced Comping and Lane Editing allows you to combine your best recording takes even faster
• The new folder track features enable you to manage huge projects more easily
• Advanced Offline Processing – the ultimate time-saver
• élastique Pro – latest realtime time stretching and pitch shifting technology
• Ultra-precise automation editing makes working with automation passes effortlessly easy
• Improved compatibility with other software applications
• AAF improvements – exchange material with other production partners more easily
• Speed up your productivity by sharing information via Note Pad Data export
• Better visibility: Unveil automation parameters during automation writing
• Quick controls – extended accessibility
• Sound designer’s choice: VST Amp Rack
• 64bit Mac support - ready for the biggest projects
• Updated Video engine
• Updated hitpoint detection
• Automatic tempo detection – record with highest precision
• Extended VariAudio-to-Midi conversion
• Key Editor inspector now provides all essential edit parameters in a single window
• MIDI file import – output preference improvements

New NEK 5.5 features at a glance:
• LoopMash2- offers even more cool ways to remix loops and create variations of your music
• Groove Agent ONE 1.2 – new version of the entry level program of Steinberg’s virtual drummer
• VST Expression 2 - to assign, create and edit multiple controller values directly on single note-level

Please find more detailled information on Nuendo 5.5 / NEK 5.5 here

Full download
Please note that Nuendo 5.5 / NEK 5.5 are based on a refined code basis. Therefore Nuendo 5.5 / NEK 5.5 are a full installer downloads, not only update patcher.
Please visit the Nuendo 5.5 landing page for installation instructions.

Thanks for downloading Nuendo 5.5!


Hello Timo,

I found the activation code on my steinberg and successfully upgraded my Nuendo license.
However, the NEK activation failed - any ideas?

Well, I found two licenses for both, NEK and Nuendo 5.5. It seems I need another dongle, but thanks for the gift :wink:

One thing I don’t understand is that 5.5 installs in parallel to 5.1. Why is that ?

Seems like a great update, but with a non working NEK code, it’s straight back to 5.1 :wink:


did you have problems during the installation process? You need to download all 3 packages and double-click the first one so that the installation starts.

PLease let me know what has happened and we’ll do what we can to help you with this.


The same here… :slight_smile:

Hi Matthias,

this should work on the common blue dongle…


Hi Timo,

All three packages downloaded and installed on several computers(mac and PC) with no issues.
Only thing I noticed is that there were two activation codes for N5.5 and one NEK5.5.
Maybe I picked the wrong one? ( not sure if it matters.)
BTW My NEK5 license is edu and N5 is listed as full, maybe that is an issue?



it doesn’t matter which one you activate first. NEK Edu license also should be no problem but I can
reconfirm that with the eLicenser team tomorrow. So when I get it right, the NEK license code is not accepted? Is there an error-message in particular?


Yes, “A communication problem occured while accessing the license server”


Ok, thanks very much. We’ll come back to you tomorrow regarding that problem.


Download latest eLicenser
Try to repair the dongle.
Retry the NEK activation.


Thanks Pål, but already did :wink:
It’s the code that doesn’t work.


yep, I too got an extra Nuendo+NEK 5.5 update license for free! Thanks! :wink:

What the aa !?!? I got 2 Nuendo licenses too, but no free NEK :confused: What’s the deal with 2 different codes?

Hi Timo,

all in all a truly great update, though I do not see the real benefit of this one little feature:
“• The new folder track features enable you to manage huge projects more easily”

  1. All I see is a possibility to hide the event on the folder track, although it is not possible to hide the track completely.

  2. As far as I tested, it is still not possible to move audio/MIDI tracks which are located in folders back and forth to the other (divide) tracklist. This could have been a perfect workaround until the show/hide track feature arrives.
    Selecting some tracks from different folders, moving them over to other tracklist, edit and moving back to the original location in the other tracklist ->not working

  3. Audio/MIDI Tracks can not be hidden…

I desperately hoped his will make it into 5.5, could you please let us know the status of this development?
This was stated to arrive during the N5 lifecycle, so I suppose there will be at least one more feature update before N6 ?

Except that, thanks for the many other improvements and goodies and bringing all of these to us for free.

I am getting spammed by steinberg!

I have 300 emails in my box in 2 minutes!

They are in 2 flavors

  1. Subject: NEK 5.5

Thank you very much for registering Nuendo 5 Expansion Kit Educational (Cubase Music Tools). From now on you can access our extensive download and technical support section, and you can take advantage of our special upgrade offers.

With your registration, you are also eligible for a free license update from NEK 5 to the new version 5.5.

  1. Subject: Nuendo 5.5

Thank you very much for registering Nuendo 5 (Educational). From now on you can access our extensive download and technical support section, and you can take advantage of our special upgrade offers.

With your registration, you are also eligible for a free license update from Nuendo 5 to the new version 5.5.

Please follow these instructions to update to Nuendo 5.5:

btw, please excuse my manners… I think to offer this all without additional cost and getting rid of the previously announced two versions, and the small update fee or whatever it was called, is very very very welcomed by me.

thanks for this.


If I can only get that NEK running… :slight_smile:

It might seem slightly off-topic, but (BASHING MODE = ‘OFF’):

Thanks Steinberg for this update. It’s just amazing !

Looks: The subtle changes in the GUI and especially the new font in the GUI are great. The font appears to be slightly smaller (?) but much easier to read. Implementing things like Quantize to where it belongs is also a great move: I never got so much information at once in the inspector, without losing the whole picture.
Automation handling: Though not described in the manual addendum, this Cubase 6 function is brilliant. Especially the relative and absolute scaling… woaw, some of your developers really THINK !!!
Lanes: What a time-saver! The old lane behaviour was, well, hard to handle, now it’s just intuitive for both MIDI and Audio. After 7 hours of working with 5.5 I cannot imagine to go back for this feature alone.
Quantize (MIDI): Also not described in the manual (hmm, roll-eyes), this is convenient like I’ve never seen it before on any other DAW. Having the custom Q patterns as “Presets” is also great.
élastique: Yeah, finally. This seems to be accurate and reliable, and the tape mode is fuuuun.

I’m yet to check the next 20 new features, plus the NEK stuff.