NUENDO 5.5.XX white screen BUG See link

Please Fix this :angry:

White screen edit bug


a repro with computer specs written here would be enough :wink:

What are your computer specs ?



Videos are not a good argument with me either, especially ones that take me to other sites.
What’s the problem?

Hi Bobby,

I have sent you an email too, but just wanted to mention the gist here as well.
So far I wasn’t able to reproduce it here. Tested it on two machines running 10.6.8 with Nuendo 5.5.1 32 bit.

I recreated your setup from the video as best as I could. The crosshair works just fine, no white window.

Looking forward to any further details you can share!

Many thanks,

i can’t repro this either.


I am getting the same behaviour on 10.6.8 on 5.5.xx with the scissors (full white screen) and when I try to do any edit (temporary white screen when dragging parts, or editing withe pencil etc).

Perhaps the reason it cannot be easily reproduced is that it only happens randomly and after working for some time on a project (20 mins or so as Bobby mentions).


Can it have anything todo with the bug regarding crosshair cursor?
Don’t remember right now if it was fixed for 5.5 or 5.5.1.

The bug was terribly slow GUI when editing with crosshairs. I turned it off.

Just tested in 5.5.1 for apprx. 30 minutes. Can’t get the problem you describe Bobby.


Here is another Crash


Hi Chris, Thank You

MAC 12 core , 10.6.8 - 24 gigs ram NU 5.5.1 32 bit
UAD 2 , 3 midexs.

My self and and a few other power users are getting crashes and white screens. So much so Nuendo has been fired ( Asked Not to use It) from 2 sessions in my studio in the past week . . Clients are happy to Try Nuendo, if it works, but when it crashes like this does, way too much now, I am told Give to use PT 9.0. Then everyone here is happy . . Except Me.

Not good.

Watch the Videos on You tube you will see crashes galore, I’ll keep posting them if you like .

I had the same WHITE SREEN BUG. I don’t remember does it still appear in 5.5 but some times I had it and I did’t find the reason. Also I noticed that if I will not save my session and restart NUENDO it will crash in few minutes. Beside I don’t work with MIDI.

Hi Pap . ., Yes 5.5.1 is still got this white screen bug, and more and more people are discovering it and are coming out of the woodwork . the only onrs not finding it are the beta testers at steinberg :frowning: this programs stability has gone down hill badly :angry:

First, this white screen of death bug was Windows only in its earlier iteration.
And I do not agree that Nuendo´s stability have gone down hill.

It is very irritating when such problems as you experience arise. But I’m sure it either can be fixed locally, or there is a bug that can be fixed. For instance if it could be something regarding 12-cores with 12 virtual cores. etc. etc.

Have you tried all the normal stuff to find out if it has todo with number of cores, plugins, disk drives, etc?


Do the other users that see this white screen of death bug get it at the same situations as you Bobby?


Hi Pal, Thank you for the reply ,
I hope you are well .

White screen of death, is being seen on various users on MAC. It use to happen in plug in windows only, a few versions back.

it happens sometimes with use, and some times not. . .

This version 5.5.1 happens non stop . . now I cant use the program. How could the beta team miss this. I was beta tester back in 2.2 when it really Sucked, and the team seemed good . .?

As you remember, when you kindly tried to fix my system, a few times, it proved to be too much of a challenge even for you.

As regards stability . when i run a session, and I crash every 20 minutes or more, I would call that un useable & Down Hill from other versions. I have used cubase since atari days, and this version on MAC, 5.0- 5.5.1 takes the cake as complete crap . . its a shame .

And all we get is more pro-sumer features added, so they can get the mass market $$, for people using 16 midi tracks making club beats or doing voices overs . . LOL

For me that relies on it as a real tool to work & run a studio business, its seems i am out of luck.

The name closely resembles, " Nintendo" I can see why now.

Thank you in advance for any advice.


You may have answered this earlier. But you are sure there isn’t a hardware problem like for instance RAM problem?


Had problems too. Always Nuendo freeze randomly and I must do a restart of the PC. After several months of searching, I have found the reason. It was a heat problem. All my cards (graphic, 2 x UAD-1 and PCI- AD/DA card) are passive chilled. Have buy a new case with sound isolation last year. This was bad for my cooling in the PC. Now I have install a new silent fan, who blows direct on the cards. Since this time, Nuendo runs without any problems …

Hi Pal, Yes, I have tested Hard ware with Apple people, via telent, and checked out all okay ?

Its seems to crash, if the program just sits dormant for a while 20 minutes or so, ill come back to see is has “Unexpectedly quit” and an error report.

My point here is, that other Music programs, like Reason, Protools, Live, all work okay. Its just Nuendo, after 4.0

I believe Nuendo is not made for mac, On my XP machine it was rock solid. the mac version is mickey mouse.

Maybe I will try bootcamp WIn 7.



I’m running N5.5.1 in both 64 bit and 32 bit on my MAC pro, with 24GB of RAM.
It is only a 8 core (2009 model), but it is rock solid. I don’t get crashes and I keep Nuendo loaded all the time.
My projects is mainly audio (feature film and tv) and I do not have many plugins installed.
So I guess there’s a big difference in usage pattern between us Bobby. But Nuendo on MAC can at least be stable.

If you want, we can hook up again, email me at: p (at) svennevig (dot) no, and we can agree on a teamview session or something.
I guess you have tried everything, even moving out all 3rd party plugins and moving them back one by one?

Don’t remember, but do you have UAD-x card(s) ?

If you could do a save from the “system information” app, I can look at it to check how cards are installed, etc. etc.


Thank You Pal, you are the best .

Anytime is good for me . .

my template is.
3 Dell 24 in Monitors.
3 midexs
UAD2 quad card in ( slot1)
RAYDAT Hammerfall ( slot 3)
Waves Plugs ((in 32 bit mode because WAVES is a sleep with 64 bit )
lots of vstis
about 180 midi tracks.
16 - 30 audio tracks
Midi over LAN, to 6 Windows Kontakt 5 Machines.

Here is the lastest WHITE OUT :angry: