Nuendo 5 getting Cubase 6 features when?

Now Cubase 6 is announced for upcoming NAMM ( I’m wondering how long it will take before Nuendo 6 will be released and if there will be any new (especially music related) features which will be not available in Cubase 6 (except the current known differences and specific post-production tools).
Because I’m still on Nuendo 4+NEK and therefore updating to N6 +NEK will cost me more (assuming it will be the same price then the current update from N3 to N5+NEK which is €660) than a new copy of Cubase 6, I’m really considering to switch to Cubase unless there will be something very exciting announced for Nuendo 6 (+NEK).
I would regret it to say goodbye to Nuendo since I’m using it from version 2, updated to 3 and updated to 4+NEK, but I don’t see the big difference in price justified anymore for music production/ mixing only (I’m not saying Nuendo isn’t it’s price worth for post-production).

Any news?

At least I won’t switch to the enemy…

By the way; can anybody officially tell if the Houston controller will be still supported in C6/N6 (I assume this will be no big secret to tell already)? Otherwise it may be also the time to look for a new controller…

It would be a very good thing if N5.5 would inherit the new Cubase 6 features, I -and most others- think this is the most reasonable thing to do. But unfortunately I can not comment on that. I hope you understand.

I can however say that the Houston is still supported in Cubase6.



Good to hear!
To bad there is no win7usb driver (only working with midi) and it doesn’t support any other software then cubendo but anyway great it’s still usable after almost 10years from release (even it’s already discontinued for some years)!

Well, let´s not forget… according to the N5 FAQ first we will receive an update during the N5 lifecycle containing the show/hide unused track features!
As N5 is still “young” I think it really makes sense if a possible N5.5 update also contains the features from C6. The leaked info on C6 sounds great, multitrack editing enhancements, lane track
concept, VST Expression 2… heavenly. Looking forward to this update… and show/hide tracks!

""Dear forum members,

Answers to important questions:

2. Is “Hide Unused Tracks” included?
This was of course a long-time feature request and we had a deep look into the details
how this could look like. We’ve not managed to include it in the intial version, but it will
be delivered with an update during the Nuendo 5 product lifecycle.


So, with the announcement of C6, are we Nuendo users going to be left in the lurch for months and months for N6 to come out with the C6 features, or will there be a N5.5 update with them? I am going to be some kind of pissed if yet again we are watching the $499 software do things that our $1799 software can’t. Especially since 64 bit Mac support is even more critical with Nuendo because of the video features.

this will end well…

Count on it.

I mean - we were promised “faster” updates and a bunch of other rhetoric a while back - yet when I take a long hard look at the product - have we seen anything more than about 30 bug fixes since June 2010…?


In that case, if anyone wants to buy a Nuendo 5 license, PM me.

I would appreciate it if you guys did not start a speculative thread about this.
I’m sure you all know -and understand- that we can’t comment on that right now.

But I would like to make it very clear that pretty much everyone wants that the “leapfrogging” comes to an end. I other words, we all want that N5.5 also gets the new C6 features. That has always been sort of “the plan” -Cubase and Nuendo share the same code for a reason-, but for technical, economical and production reasons it never happened. So I would like to ask you very kindly to not jump conclusions and keep your fingers crossed …


For me, the CLEVER and REASONABLE step for Steinberg will be including all new features in Nuendo and changing the numbering to avoid mistakes, i.e. Nuendo 6, so no 5.5, just N6. Then we will have a N7/C7 cycle sync.

Hmm. I don’t think you’re allowed to put the words clever and reasonable in the same sentence as the word Steinberg. :laughing:


And I - as a paying customer - am not jumping to conclusions. I am merely quoting a historical perspective. The same damn thing happens every cycle. And I don;t ready feel like keeping my fingers crossed for another 3 years…the wait from 4->5 was pain enough thank you.

It’s no big secret to me that as soon as C6 was given the bulk of dev time (to it get ready for NAMM) - anything good that was supposed to happen to Nuendo 5 suddenly dried up. Leading me to believe that the same 8-10 guys that were supposed to give us faster updates and more good stuff are the same 8-10 guys who code Cubase thus - how is it possible to ever end the “leap frogging”.

Fredo - bottom line - since all we have is 30 lame bug fixes to speak of since June 2010 - N5 is quickly becoming yesterday’s news and now since C6 takes the lead - it truly is yesterday’s news.

For those of us that are using the flagship (anything that’s 1800+ dollars gets a flagship tag from me :slight_smile: the only thing that should have happened this week - was a parallel announcement from NAMM giving the N5 crowd - a free N5.5 - that essentially brings the two apps into the same space.

Even an announcement of ANYTHING for us - maybe a 5.1.1 would have been better than nothing. Or maybe it’s just me?


And I thought this kind of cynism rather fits into other places than here.

I think SB will come up with a reasonable plan for the future of Nuendo/Cubase.

  1. I would suggest bringing the C6 features to Nuendo 5.5 now for free.

  2. Then, a lower than usual priced update to N6 in about a year, containing
    only show/hide and a few other small enhancements.

  3. From there on -new concept- plan for same release day of C7/N7 --> edit: ok, won´t happen according to Fredo

  4. Make Cubase “upgradeable” to Nuendo.

  5. Position Nuendo as “flagship product” for post pro engineers and music producers.

  6. Make Nuendo licence to open Cubase as well.

  7. Offer logical, easy upgrade paths to Nuendo from all Cubase editions.

  8. If possible, get rid of the NEK concept.

  9. Nuendo needs to simply have all which is available in Cubase, and more.

  10. Lower the price of Nuendo to 1499.- / full update price from any versions below, 249.- .

  11. Offer short term summer special/holiday special reduced prices as incentives to buy or upgrade.

I think everybody is very aware of the arguments by now, the very reason why I asked to not get into speculation again …

One thing I can answer though: As stated many times before, there are no plans to release both applications (Cubase & Nuendo) at the same time, so you can cross that off for once and for all. If anything can happen, then it’s that Nuendo gets the newer Cubase features halfway it’s development cycle (N5.5).

So I will ask this one more time; Please don’t start any rants, hate-and complain threads before it is announced what will be in Nuendo 5.5.

You want Steinberg to break with their “historical perspective”, then don’t use it as an argument for backing up your arguments. So please, let’s give this one the benefit if the doubt.


Let’s come back to this discussion in a couple of years. I see you’ve already had to edit one of your “reasonable” suggestions. :wink:


I can understand SBs perspective as well. The Nuendo extra features need additional development time. Releasing both Cubase and Nuendo at the same time would most likely mean, as I understand it, holding back Cubase for as long as a new Nuendo version is finished -> This would mean a financial loss for the company, so it does not make sense from an economic point of view.

Also not good for us users, because I do not want SB to run out of money and close some day, thanks to listening too much to our selfish proposals. :wink: Since there are obviously far more Cubase users than Nuendo users, I guess the sales of Cubase are simply more relevant than Nuendo sales.

I suggest, let the guys at SB work something out which is good for both the company and for us users. If we can get at least some announcement soon, that would be great. Of course I also would not enjoy owning the flagship, waiting a year for the little brother C6 features to arrive in Nuendo.

But a 2-4 months timeframe from now on, plus a Nuendo exclusive extra goodie (show/hide…)… that would be a fantastic N5.5. update for me.

IF the new features are really important to you (and some of the C6 features look good and we’ve been waiting for them since pre-historic times) then go get a copy of Cubase and use that until N5.5 or whatever arrives. It’s not that much money.

Right now Cubase looks a much better for 90% of what i do. If the NEK silliness continues I may just leave it at that.

Do you know the main thing I really dislike about about Cubase? The silly black line at the bottom of every part.

Yes I´ve done this before. First Cubase VST5, on to Cubase SX, then SX2, then switched to Nuendo 3, skipped Nuendo 4, then bought Cubase 5 when it came out cause Nuendo was still at version 4, used Cubase 5 until I upgraded from N3 to N5. Finally sold Cubase 5 because I had no use for a second sequencer license. Unfortunately not the most convenient way… :open_mouth:

Just had an idea:

So, how about Steinberg offering a free time limited licence of Cubase6 to Nuendo5 users? That way we could check out Cubase 6 for free until the Nuendo 5.5 (or 6) update arrives. “Leapfrogging” over. Kind of an “extended” demo period. Wow, how cool would that be? :mrgreen:

I remember in one of the previous PR debacles SB was selling combi Cubase/Nuendo licences. Maybe that would be a good way to avoid all the leapfrogging talk.