Nuendo 5 getting Cubase 6 features when?

Well, here’s a thought:

Since they’ll get rid of the NEK because everybody hates it and it’s a waste of time and money, Nuendo will get all features of Cubase by default.

Therefore, give all Nuendo users a default Cubase license to go with it.

Thus any leapfrogging is partially offset by Nuendo users being able to load Cubase instead of Nuendo when they need those features.

People should be happier this way:

Steinberg get to sell a bunch of Cubase copies and make money
Cubase users get to get all the new features as soon as possible
Nuendo users get those features as well but in Cubase, with the sole drawback of having to run two apps

In any case, this only showcases the folly of running two completely separate apps. It’s much smarter to have a “tiered” approach to licensing. When you move from the lowest level license to the next, you retain the right to use the lowest level app, and so on. So owning the right to run ONE instance of the flagship should give you the right to run ANY of the lower tiered products in the same range (one at a time of course).

Seems to me like a simple solution…

…but then again, perhaps SB doesn’t want music people to buy Nuendo, or perhaps they just want Nuendo people to buy Cubase too. That cynic and greedy approach, should it exist, should be fully negated by the dissatisfaction held by the users resulting from it though…

Anyways… just my .02…

There shouldn’t have to be a combo license to begin with. Why should there? If Nuendo should have all the features of Cubase within a reasonable time frame anyways, why not give Nuendo users a Cubase license to go with it by default. You can only run one instance at a time anyways, right?

You’re hyper-sensitive. Have a beer. Relax.

Now that is a fantastic idea.

Except it would add more complexity to the situation, with a license having to be timed-out. Just make it permanent.

I really don’t see why for $1800 we don’t get Cubase as well. That is just crazy.

I have to agree… I’d even pay a few quid for the discs if you didn’t want to do a download version…

Sort of a “Cubase crossgrade for Nuendo Users Only” for £9.99 or something to cover your manufacturing and printing costs…

But it does make a lot of sense.

Hey Whitecat. Good to see you here from Gearslutz! I would gladly pay for that as well.

Bruce, save yourself the aggravation and do what I did years ago, run both applications. I already have my order in at L&M for the Cubase 6 upgrade from Cubase 5 and am very much looking forward to it. Who could resist it, actually, the new multi-track editing/comp features alone are worth the price of admission. If we ultimately get the new features in this iteration of Nuendo, so much the better, but for the price of admission (Even for the full version at retail) there is no point in waiting.

I’m cool. :sunglasses:
I just want to point out that I will not allow this thread to derail.
For the moment it’s been proven that this can be discussed without using offensive language, and I want to keep it that way.


I agree. No point in not having Cubase as well. However I do think it was a retrograde step when Steinberg ceased to allow the Nuendo licence to run Cubase. When was that? Cubase/Nuendo 3? I can’t remember.

I can’t see that it would do Steinberg great harm to allow this, and it would add a lot of goodwill, as would getting rid of the invidious NEK update fees.

I have both apps, and use Cubase for the smaller studio. When C6 arrives I expect I will use it in the main room in preference to N4 - I haven’t upgraded to N5 as frankly there is nothing in it which I need at present. I will prob wait til N5.5 gives the C6 features I need, or I may leave Nuendo altogether at that point. It does feel as if Steinberg doesn’t really want music producers like me, who do only a little sound-to-picture, on board with Nuendo.

Their loss I think.


As soon as someone wants to slip me enough cash to buy Cubase all over again again (Truth be known I started on Cubase SX and upgraded my way up the ladder) I would consider it. But the last time I checked - I am a Nuendo user, really enjoy using Nuendo and to me - any deviance from the path means the eventual end of Nuendo if enough people do that.

I promised myself I wouldn’t get all worked up about this and I won’t. I will be patient and wait it out for whatever updates are offered for Nuendo. No sense going off about free C6 licenses n’ such since it’s quite clear that Steiny wants no part of that thought process.



I not did the N5 update yet but use N3, N4 and C5.5 - I will get the C6 Upgrade now and decide later if I do an Nuendo upgrade as well. In the moment there is not reason for me to spend 400 bucks for N5 + Neck - why? Though I want to use Nuendo in the long term, maybe N5.5 or N6 (when it comes with (stable!) C6 features…

Then maybe we’ll have to wait again a year for N6 to be released (remember N5 vs C5).
Be patient.


Patient for a flagship application to reach the 64 bit status that not only its smaller brother has but also all of its competition? That’s not patience, it is willful submission.

Hmmm…I have been running 64 Nuendo 5 since day one. You must be on Mac…yes?

Nearly forgot that the Mac guys were missing a 64 bit version. Running x64 on PC here since the Cubase 5 release, then Nuendo 5 x64. Works great on W7 and I enjoy the RAM advantage. Guess the Mac users are one more reason to release a 5.5 update as soon as possible to give them the benefits of 64 bit too.


I don´t know why, but somehow I can already smell all the tasty Cubase 6 goodness
and more, coming to Nuendo before… end of Q1 ? :slight_smile: Looking forward to
the announcement Chris mentioned in the other thread.

Just so I am clear, the official word as of today is that there is no upgrade or crossgrade path for current Nuendo users to add a Cubase 6 license for anything other than full price?