Nuendo 6.5?

Cubase 7.5 comes out at 4th of december. How about Nuendo 6.5? When does it come out?

It will be later next year.


Thanks for answerting Fredo.

What do you mean with later next year? 2014 Jan?

Héhéhéhé …
And while I’m at it, why wouldn’t I reveal the new feature list also?


Well, why not? xD

The bad news is that there won’t be a 6.0.7 any time soon and I’m have to wait in the buggy-but-usable 6.0.5 (EuCon issue in 6.0.6 is a deal breaker) until January or later…

Agree, I think that the new features are amazing.

I just hope that they fixed the video output issues too.

I could understand that Steinberg does not change a feature, even if it’s a wrong feature, until the next version, but I think that EVERY FEATURE should work correctly, so I don’t expect having any difference in the control room any time soon.

I am really looking forward to that alternative track feature. I see tons of uses for that, it’s one of the very few things that I really thought PT was better at.



—>>>PROJECT WINDOW TRACK VISIBILITY!!! <---- :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :astonished: YES!!! Have been waiting for this like forever!

FINALLY! :smiley:

I´m still on N5.5 but will upgrade on the day 6.5 is out

I thought we were getting another update before the end of THIS year - not next year!

If Nuendo is the ‘flagship’ product why does it not get all of the new features first? It should be like a Mercedes S-Class - that gets all the new stuff, which then filters down to the lesser models over time.

Mind you, I do appreciate that many so called ‘new features’ will in fact just be bugs and unwanted changes designed to frustrate the user-base.

my non-educated guess:

a) Nuendo has more features which need longer development
b) Cubase is more profitable due to the larger user base
c) Cubase users are our guinea-pig testers so we get a more stable release

You might be right about a) and b), but I don’t think that c) is panning out judging by the number of problems introduced in Nuendo-6!


Could you at least tell us if the Key Command for the mixer is fixed?
The mouse scroll wheel issue?
The mixer gui issues? Disappearing Stereo Out?
The channels in the mixer re-sizing themselves issues?
The inserts section of the rack disappearing?

As someone who uses Nuendo 8-12 hours a day,
I really need to know if these are fixed or not?
I just can’t imagine another year like the previous one.



I don´t know about any bugs in N6 since I didn´t upgrade. I was severly disappointed that the visibility features in the arrange window didn´t make it to N6.0 , but N6.5 will be a day1 purchase.
So far N5.5 works great for me but I want those features shown for Cubase 7.5 as soon as possible.

One thing left to ask, will there be improvements for window handling?

I did both of my latest albums in N6, and I still hate the mixer. I like the flexibility, but hate the look and the increased time that I waste having to click around to see anything of any use. For me the increased feature set from N4 has mostly been worth it.

However, it is more important to me that they fix the basic mistakes in coding. For example using a particular tool should never cause a bunch of MIDI notes to change octave. :wink:


Yes I´m still on 5.5, as 6.0 didn´t have the desired visibility features in the arrange/project window where I spend most of the time.

I have not tried the new mixer and control room, but it looks a bit out of place to me. As if it wouldn´t fit too well into the overall design of the program. Can´t tell about the functionality though.

it is my impression that the old mixer seemed to fit better into the graphic scheme of the program, but my deciding factor to wait with the upgrade was that nothing I really needed was in 6.0, on the other hand 6.5 is PACKED with stuff I´ve been desperate for for a LONG time (years), so 6.5 update will be a day1 purchase for me.

I´d like to know if it will be free to Nuendo users again, or when the grace period for 6.0 buyers starts in case that 6.5 is a paid update.

Yes, yes and yes! :mrgreen:

I want a more seamless appearance of elements and revamped window handling, possibly magnetic docking of elements, but that can wait until 7.0, for now I´m very happy with what is known for the next update

He Marsman,

I think, you should go with V6 as soon as possible, to inure using the new mixer in advance :mrgreen:

My post wasn’t meant to be a rant.
I really need to know about these issues before I buy into another version with Steinberg.
The price of the update is fair. That is not an issue.

The things I already paid for that aren’t working correctly are the only issue here.
I’ve had to change my whole way of working to accommodate these issues.
(see my post above)

Come on Steinberg, it’s not like I’m asking for your special secret code sauce.
I’m a paying customer that wants to know if these issues will be fixed or not in the Nuendo 6 life cycle.
is that asking too much? Really?


Nuendo 6.5 is going to be released in beginning of Q2 2014. Beside all features already revealed in Cubase 7.5 it will get even more post-pro / surround mixing relevant functions, such as a professional Bass Management. In terms of development time, it simply takes longer to bring all the additional features into the upcoming Nuendo 6.5.

We may also be able to correct some more issues in terms of GUI, but in general it will be the status of Cubase 7.5.
Key Command/mixer issue will (most likely) be fixed.