Nuendo 7.5 - Any known info?


So, the cubase is out and we can start to think about the better half of 7.
Does anyone knows anything?
What major acts going to take place in the 7.5?

  • first, Is the Quicktime thing(old issue, lots of promises…) - gonna b there?
  • I love the 7, but the windows thing…please. It this gonna stay?
  • Any new stuff in the NEK related to the Nuendo (this is a very old subject)?

not asking about bugs and fixes, this is goes without saying. but anything on the big features


+1 :smiley:


Nuendo 7.5 will see major additions and improvements for post-production, Gaming and ADR work. We are also working
on a new video engine and a few other things related to speeding up the workflow.


Thnx Timo for this info updating. We as users really need it.

New engine begs the question, Is video export of a set region ( a 3 minute video export for example of a 1:30 long feature film ) going to make 7.5. ? I would upgrade to N7 from N5 if this feature is hopefully included…thank you

No, this is not going to make it in 7.5. But it surely is on the list.
The main focus at this moment is on building a new, working, solid cross-platform video engine.
Bells and whistles will be added later.


A new video engine? Seriously?
Now that we have running cursor, TC burn in and count ins/swipes.
I haven’t had any problems for quite a while now.
Don’t quite see why we would need a new video engine?

Great to hear via Timo that Steinberg will be focusing their efforts on Post Production improvements in Nuendo 7.5, as this is what Nuendo is all about.


Because QT is end of life. Apple is switching to AV Foundation and will drop QT within the near future.


I just hope we do not lose any of the stability and functionality.

Me too. But I can’t see Steinberg going back to a bold video engine just because it’s the new new (re)incarnation…

I hope they’ll also have a look to blackmagic cards and find a way to get their settings from the video timeline.

Hi all,

as Fredo says, QT is a dead end. The new video engine will incorporate all functionality (e.g. with regards to the ADR system) the current video engine has. Video export is the next big topic on the list, but will probably come later than 7.5. It’s a quite complex topic.


Hi all,

Timo that is good to hear as I have been having severe CPU freezes with my current setup - lots of emails with NVidia and Yamaha Support, so I hope a new engine will solve this!!

What I was wondering - any idea on time frame? I have just ordered my v7 upgrade but would hold back the registration if 7.5 grace period is round the corner soon… anything you can spill? 2016? Or rather 2017?

Cheers for any advice, even in PM if you prefer,

Speaking of which, check out what Reaper 5 is doing in that domain: multiple video clips, editing and render out to video codecs. Certainly not FCPX or Premier by any means, but IMO, very useful to have that functionality there nonetheless. eg:

Video editing template:
How to edit video in Reaper:

Agreed, very useful to have those features available.
I also agree that Steinberg devs should watch those vids about what not to do with Nuendo…
Talking about horrible software integration and setup ! Reminds me of winamp days and directx wrappers… :open_mouth:

I’d very much love Nuendo to get Retina support and an option for bigger fonts in the UI. To cram maximum amount of info, all UI fonts are super small. On a 5K Retina iMac you need eagle vision to read all the stuff at the edges of the screen. And it’s even a bigger problem because it’s not retina resolution supported, so every dialog looks very blurry.

As my vision is not the best anymore, I’d really like if Nuendo would not have such small fonts.But at least Retina support so they don’t at least look so blurry. Any plans?

Also, see here:

I agree, many things are way too small now. In particular I find it very difficult to use the horizontal and vertical scroll bars.

If Steinberg are adamant that such miniscule controls are the way to go, perhaps some sort of scaling options would be a good idea. That would at least keep things suitable for young and not so young eyes.

Anything that keeps all users happy must surely be a good idea, right?

+1 for Retina 5k support.

I recently switched to the Mac, and it’s currently unusable in 5k mode (it would be amazing if we could use it, as it gives you a lot of screen realestate and allows you to comfortably have the key or sample editor open at the bottom while working in the arrange window at the top, as well as a lot less scrolling).

Right now I’m using it in 4k mode which is still great; Nuendo also seems to be a lot snappier in terms of GUI redraws than Cubase on the Mac, which slows to a crawl on larger sessions with audio editing.
Unfortunately it still pales in comparison to the PC, which is a lot swifter in redraws…

Maybe im too naive here but isnt it possible, at least till the new video engine launch, to have just QT export?
reference to direcotrs on the fly? the “replace audio in video” kills me EVERY time.
the director wants a reference in 30 minutes via server… of 30 seconds shot with some sketch just to make the client happy.
we need a solution asap.

am i alone here?