Nuendo 8.1 important maintenance & feature update - now available

Dear forum-members,

Steinberg today releases Nuendo 8.1, an important maintenance and also feature update for the Nuendo 8.x product line.
Thanks to your feedback, we’ve been able to solve more than 80 issues in various areas of the application.

This free-of-cost update also introduces a range of important new features:

Automatic Audio Alignment
Primarily made to be used in a voice-overdub workflow, Nuendo 8.1 introduces the new Audio Alignment feature to
transfer the timing of a reference audio event to another audio event or multiple events with a single mouse-click.

Direct Offline Processing 1.5
A Favorites section has been added to store most used effects, with predefined parameter settings, either as single
processes or as a bank of processes. It is now possible to import track presets and FX chain presets from the MixConsole
into the DOP window. It is now possible to add a tail to the end of selected clips. Auto Apply can now be turned off before
changing parameters on an already loaded process or plug-in.

Immersive Sound
The RMU Connector for Dolby Atmos is now included in Nuendo 8.1. Channel-based surround formats 7.1.4 and 5.1.4 were
added for Auro-3D mixing based on MPEG standards.

It is now possible to extract/import audio encoded in AAC format from video files on all Windows platforms.

Nuendo 8.1 is an update for Nuendo 8.x and is available here: Nuendo 8.1 Download

Thanks for using Nuendo!

Hi Timo

Shouldnt be also update for the 7 as well?


Great stuff! Thanks Timo!!

+1 for the Updates Timo. Since very long time Nuendo is my favorite Gizmo and it’s cool to see how the beast growing up year after year. Respect to Steinberg team!


I’m getting a lot of dialog boxes saying that my projects are corrupted and they cannot be saved. Rolling back to v8.0 right now.

Very annoying and very frustrating, especially because some projects were created in 8.0 and now I can’t open them without crashing 8.0. Even N7 is crashing when I try to open this “corrupted” projects. So they are getting corrupted IN Nuendo 8.1!

Luckily I have a very strict backup system so I’m not losing anything. But the time consumed…

Not the very best update for the Nuendo 8 “Beta”. Not a happy customer here.

I played with the new DOP 1.5 and Nuendo crashed at some point (Nuendo froze). I opened the project and was asked if I wanted to open the backup Nuendo made. I said yes. This backup was corrupted, too. I could only open the last saved version, which was a few minutes back. I learned to save often as Nuendo likes to crash some times.

Me too! As I said I have a very strict back up system. But with v.8.0 (v.7.0 too for that matter) never had corrupted projects and with v.8.1 suddenly almost all of my projects are getting corrupted! I will build another workstation to see what is really happening. Maybe they are my templates (from v8.0) or some plugins inserted in them…

So far, so good;-no issues.
DOP worked in the initial test run, no plug in issues, no re-wire issues…GUI seems smoother.

used it all day, works like a CHAMP, what a beast now. If I find any bugs i’ll be happy to report, not finding any of the things that I’m seeing some people mention so far. Happy Nuendo customer today here !!!

Similar experience. Working in Nuendo 8.1 all day yesterday, without a hiccup. Spent some time trying to bring it to its knees. Everything was fine.

When you look at the issue/bug resolution list, you can see that the developers were committed to quashing as many bugs and feature issues as possible.

I see a LOT of issues brought up on this forum that have been resolved according to the issue list. I have tried out many of them so see how they did. To my reckoning they did a remarkable job in successfully tackling as many issues as they did.

To this thank you Steinberg for a job well done in this release.

one small thing, not a bug but when using the tail feature in DOP 1.5 ensure you set the length of tail you’d like before selecting clip or event and process. It doesn’t save with the process. It would be great if it did, or if you can change it once a process is open. But glad it works.

Also I have about 300 instances of small video clips on my timeline for a game project and Nuendo used to not be able to handle more than between 50-100 of small clips. Could be that the new video engine doesn’t have a problem with this. More LOVE!!!

That is pretty impressive. What codec, bit rate, pixel dimensions do your clips have? Also am I curious if you have also issues with the frames not keeping up between clips? I had that problem with H.264 clips that were butt up against each other in the Nuendo video track. This was in Nuendo 8 prior to the 8.1 release.

I expected this as Steinberg people on the forum were clear that H.264 or other LongGOP formats were to be avoided and to use intraframe codecs like ProRes or DNxHD. Anyway, I am most curious what codec your clips were in as that would really test the DAWs performance using several hundred video clips.

Curious if the problems Chris and Rodrigo are having are a MAC vs PC thing. I can’t tell from Rodrigo’s specs if he’s Mac or PC.

When I try to update my 8.0.15 to 8.1.0 on my studio PC, I get the following message:

Nuendo 8.1.0 Update installation failed.
The installation source for this product is not available. Verify that the source exists and that you can access it.
Error Code 1612

I can run 8.0.15 fine, but I’ve tried several times and can’t get 8.1 to install. I also tried re-syncing the dongle. Still can’t install 8.1.0.

I had to replace the original installation files (downloaded) in the original directory (I had deleted them because it was already installed and running). Then I reinstalled and was able to update.

Nuendo 8.1 not recognizing Avid DNxHD Codec anymore. Where can I download to reinstall without having to purchase it again?

Your Steinberg shop account should have downloads for everything you purchased recently:

If the download link isn’t there, contact support here to request a new link:

It’s a buggy mess…
Video showing up blank, missing plug-ins or blank plug-in screens on Windows, sloppy performance on the Mac…

I remember Cubase SX being touted as a major rewrite…Nuendo came out on the PC soon after that and for years we had a stable product.
It sounds like Nuendo is due for a severe codebase refresh.

Hi Guys.

For me many of the issues (graphics and DOP and also bounce of line) have been resolved installing nuendo 8 on Yosemite.
I had a discussion with developers that seem to comfort that under El Capitan and all the others OS, Apple changed the “routing” of audio and graphics components.
And guess what ? Nuendo is no longer supported for Yosemite.
Where is the error ? :exclamation: :question: :bulb: :nerd:

Thanks for sharing this.
Looks I’ll have to talk to someone in support because the Steinberg shop provides a download link but then states there are no downloads for it.