Nuendo 8.2 maintenance & feature update - now available

Dear forum-members,

we are very happy to announce the immediate availability of the Nuendo 8.2 maintenance and feature update for Nuendo.

Because we value your feedback, besides solving close to 40 issues in different parts of the application, we’ve introduced all the new features from Cubase 9.5 to this version for free as well as a new Ambisonics bus system (up to 3rd order) that will open up many new fields of application.

Ambisonics is a technology that creates a spherical sound field and uses an encoded bundle of multiple audio streams to place sounds anywhere within that sphere. The new Ambisonics bus system is just the first step - of many more to come - to provide a full blown-up solution for VR audio production within Nuendo.

This update also includes the following Cubase features

64-bit floating-point audio engine
Double precision processing, mixing and summing power including file import/export and the internal plug-in set.

Enhanced right zone
Direct access to the Control Room and the Master and Loudness meters in the Project Window.

Bézier-curves automation
Ultra-precise and smooth automation curves including VCA Faders automation.

Automation Range Tool
To edit the information within a range selection without having to create extra automation points.

16 Insert Slots
Including a flexible and dynamic separator of pre and post fader effects.

Redesigned Metronome
Including a Click Pattern Editor assignable to the Signature Track and many internal Click Sounds.

Adapt to Zoom
The Snap Grid of the Project Window now adjusts dynamically depending on the horizontal Zoom level.

Sampler Track enhancements
It is now possible to drop a MIDI event to the Sampler Control to create a new Sampler Track. Also possible now is an A/B comparison.

More enhancements
Also new are redesigned and improved plug-ins, the new Flux Wavetable Synth for HSSE3, new FX Chain and Master Channel presets and more…

For more information about the new features in Nuendo 8.2 visit this page.

Download the Nuendo 8.2 update here or from the Steinberg Download Assistant.

Thanks for using Nuendo!

Great stuff!!!

Flawless install, imported a big Cubase projects and BEHOLD!!! no problems!

I’m very happy :slight_smile:

This looks like a great update!

In the Version History it states:


It is now possible to load more plug-ins on Windows systems.

What does ‘more’ mean in this instance? Does this take the plugin limit up to the current Windows device limit of 256?

Impressive update. Thank you, Luis and Steinberg. I suspect this will put a shot of goodwill equity back in the gas tank for a lot of us users.

My first impression is great. GUI is much much better now in Mac.
That’s the way SB. Thanks.

Great update, indeed.

Just one small issue: FLUX for HalionSE says that no license could be found on the eLicenser. Any ideas?

Just one small issue: FLUX for HalionSE says that no license could be found on the eLicenser.

Same here!

And here. (thanx for update!)

Update eLicenser?
latest eLicenser from May 7, 2018


Unfortunately not.

Same here.

Thank you!

Feature wise a great update, especially the Ambisonics track format - finally! But I had one annoyance: my track and fader custom colour were deleted and all grey. Loading a pref file didn’t help. I had to manually redo all the colours.

Some great features here - loving the new insert on/off/bypass. Custom colors needed to be redone here too as it appears the color engine has changed and it limits some of the choices I’d made.

Same here, Nuendo loaded up with the default color scheme. Had to manually redo them all.

Working Ok here. Nice new features.

BUT (a big one), all my Mediabay Aspects are gone. I work for several TV projects and I have (HAD) many Mediabay Aspects configured for each one of them, but after the upgrade they all disappeared.

I did look into presets in Windows Users folder and it seems that Nuendo Installer overwrote most of the custom settings. In the future you should be more careful. Several hours of work to the trash. This is a business guys, not a game.

I assume my part of the fault though. I always intall upgrades on my notebook first and not in my main workstation… I don’t know what I was thinking when I downloaded/install the upgrade on that… Sigh…

Here too.

still waiting for DOP and antares autotune to work.(same in cubase 9.5)
great update beside that

Nice surprise, thanks: free 8.2 update vs. the paid 8.5 expected.

Does anyone have issues with lines appearing through the meters? I’d like to know if its just me. Thanks
mixer channels line issue.JPG