Nuendo 8.3.10 maintenance update - now available

Dear forum-members,

we are very happy to announce the availability of the 8.3.10 maintenance update for Nuendo.

This maintenance update offers several improvements, primarily to the previously introduced VR production plug-ins but also to the MediaBay, Control Room, DOP and other areas.

The Nuendo 8.3.10 update and Version History can be downloaded from the Steinberg Download Assistant.

Thanks for choosing Nuendo!

Just installed N8.3.10 but it does not correct the Nuendo/Tango bug introduced in N8.

See here:

Hi Luis, is there a good reason why you have transitioned over to the download assistant, even for updates? I personally far prefer the older method of downloading from the support pages. Forcing us to use the download assistant even just for updates is yet another application to install that needs updates itself. I try to limit any extra app installation on my DAW to the bare minimum, to keep things very simple and streamlined… let alone another app install as points of potential hassle, vulnerability, or install issue concerns.

So with the download assistant, even just to update (which required an update to the download assistant!), I had to:

  1. allow an install of an app with User Account Control dialog
  2. agree to send quite a bit of info about my system to you (on the welcome page) – even though it is “made anonymous”
  3. agree to a big long EULA that no one has time to read – who knows what’s really in that?
  4. decide if I want to install yet another item – ARIA download tool
  5. let the app install
  6. find the appropriate update, click and download


The old way which was ONE QUICK STEP to go to the website support page:

  1. find the appropriate update, click and download

From an end-user’s perspective, the old way was much better IMO, and from Steinberg’s perspective, you can still collect some system profile info when the users run the main installer/updater!

So you’ve just introduced more hassle for users and basically no real gain, except the annoyance of end users.

The only advantage with the download manager that I can see is the potential to install ARIA, which I don’t want anyway, since I’ve never had problems with big downloads from Steinberg. It’s only really useful for resuming large downloads for people with lower bandwidth, etc., and while you make it optional inside the download assistant, you don’t make the actual download assistant optional!

Now, if you are planning on moving in the direction of an omnipresent installer/updater like Adobe Creative Cloud, please let us know. I’m not a fan of that AT ALL, but at least it has cloud syncing and other persistent services, that for them is a logical justification for the app.

So, what is really to be gained by adding all these extra steps just to download Steinberg updates and can you please discuss with your management to go back to the old way, which was far more user friendly.


Thanks for the update! Installed without problems

Seems like a few pretty important issues have been addressed (according to the notes).


To be fair though the installation steps happen only once if I understand it correctly. After that you just launch the app.

I can actually see why this is a better way of going about things since we now have one place for all relevant Steinberg content, and it’s automatically populated with the latest versions. I can imagine this being good as long as it is updated since it might be easier to manage that way of distributing information rather than maintaining a website and all it’s links.

I found it quick and easy to use.

Hey Mattias, this isn’t a make or break issue of course, but it’s just another annoying step, and there was a perfectly good system before. It’s emblematic of decisions that Steinberg makes in other areas, where they replace a perfectly good workflow with something else that they’ve decided is better for some reason, but isn’t necessarily better for end users.

BTW, I’ve had to update the Steinberg download assistant several times over the last who knows how long – I have Cubase, Nuendo, Wavelab, HALion, etc., and they periodically update the download assistant, so this is going to be an annoying update process more often now.

Again, not make or break issue, but I don’t like the whole philosophy of it TBH, not to mention we’re agreeing to additional things in the EULA that no one has time to read, plus sending who knows what system info to Steinberg, which I find invasive. The download app phones home, and I’m not a fan of stuff like that.

Anyway, I don’t want to make a huge deal, but I would like some sort of intelligent, logical explanation from Steinberg of why. Maybe I’m missing something.

If the answer is: “Many of our users have download problems and have low bandwidth issues, and this will help, plus we want to collect your system info every time you even just download a file, because your web browser doesn’t send us enough info already, plus we like annoying you with extra installers because we thought it would be fun,” then so be it.

Great, Download assistant won’t work for me, I just get a ‘can’t connect to server. end program’ message and thats it. If theres any setting to change I can’t get far enough to change them. Everything else internet related works fine. I’m not running any web security nonsense that could be blocking it…


same to me.
use the installer without aria. then the download starts in the browser. runs at me.


I think this proves my earlier point? The old, simple, reliable download system via a web browser was better. Hope Luis can convince Steinberg to go back to the old system.

Anyway, as for the update itself, thanks, Steinberg, good fixes in there! Any idea when we might get the Cubase 10 improvements? Especially the multi-core MCSS improvements?

  1. You need to connect your DAW to the net.
  2. You cant read the version history on your web device (ios, old linux laptop…)
  3. You need to get used to a new workflow without gaining anything
  4. You need to maintain one additional app
  5. Don‘t get me started on the new DNXHD seperate update/login procedure
  6. It used to be a sinple ftp link

Don‘t get me wrong, it‘s not a biggie.

But now we have have a headtracking toy and a download assistant solving problems audio post studios never had. If you try to run rx7 connect on a mac on the other hand nuendo does not work. If you try to load a plugin preset via the media bay you can wait forever. But you have Wwise integration. How does that help me delivering for Amazon prime?

Great work Steinberg.

Agreed, and the DA worked fine for me. I just can’t use the update because it doesn’t fix a bug introduced in N8. I live in hope though.

Although it is rather off topic, I’d like to make a statement on the Steinberg Download Assistant in general as I cannot really understand some of the resentments voiced here.
The Steinberg Download Assistant is already widely spread because all of our download sales made, the MySteinberg download links etc. use that tool to deploy the installers. Especially for larger download chunks, we have seen a big improvement from a support point of view due to the included download manager. Of course, it is another application that can cause issues but we have had download issues even with providing simple download links. The benefit we see outweigh the drawbacks which are discussed here (it’s a forum to discuss issues after all :wink: ).

It’s an application that has to be installed once and auto-updates itself ever after. Customers with more than one product can conveniently access all the relevant downloads.

Yes, the computer needs to be connected to the internet to download software. The URL one-click solution required that as well afaik :wink:

So much for my thoughts on the Steinberg Download Assistant which will be improved over time to offer more features and options.

However, we decided to bring back the regular download pages for the time being nevertheless. The main reason is that we are in a transition period with the website and the Steinberg Download Assistant at the moment. Because of the fact that the Steinberg Download Assistant cannot present all the information needed - like the system requirements for each download - a separate page for those interested is still needed.

@Dietrich and Dave_C
Please contact the support for help directly!

So why do we need to use both the download manager and the mysteinberg account when we want to update Nuendo to 8.3x to download the application and the dnx thingy? Why not provide both downloads at ONE place?

Thanks for posting back, Ed, very much appreciate when you jump in and reply. That means a lot to some of us. While I personally experience no benefit from the download assistant, like I said, it’s not a make or break thing for me, just an annoying and IMO an unnecessary change to what was working before. But I appreciate if you are seeing some benefit on your end, and if there are fewer support problems.

This was NOT the case with me. I already had DA installed from a previous install (maybe it was Cubase 10, and then DA had to update again for N8.3.1, but it did NOT auto-update. It caused me to download the latest version of DA and then install it, going through the same process as if I had never installed it. So the “auto-update” process could definitely be streamlined. :slight_smile:

The difference is that you could quickly and easily download an update on a computer without UAC/install privileges, or even some other computer with a different OS, and copy the update file to a USB stick, then move it over to your non-Internet DAW, no problem. Now you’ve added extra steps with the DA, and require installation of an app just to get an update.

Thanks for letting us know that there will be more features and options. Still not a fan as you know, but at the very least PLEASE do not require it to be a persistent tray icon kind of app like Adobe CC. We don’t need yet ANOTHER tray app sitting there. At the very least, please just keep this as a downloader only, even though you will still get some grumbling.

Now on the other hand, if you are planning on getting rid of the USB eLicensor altogether, and start using this for license validation, then I would take that as a good justification for its existence. :slight_smile:

Thank you for putting up the old links! Especially the version history! I should have mentioned that in my original post – that with the DA, we don’t have quick easy access to the version history, say, from our smartphones or iPads. Thanks for putting that back up there. In the future, please continue to post the version history on the website so we know what is what. I always check that before downloading and this time I couldn’t. I think some other people in the forum had expressed frustration over not being able to easily access the version history too.

Over and out on this topic for me. I didn’t want to take the thread off topic. Thanks again for the update and the response.

Okay, one last comment from me – Oliver has a good point. I’ve got the DNx codec license too, and it was very confusing where to get the update… now he’s brought up the good point that you’ve got things spread out in different places.

Track selection Issue is still there. The post below is from C10 Issue Forum, but the same bug is in Nuendo as well.

Installed the Nuendo 8.3.10 update with the Download Assistant which I like. However, the only thing I wasn’t crazy about is the obscure location of the files that are downloaded. I know you can easily delete them at the time of download through the Download Asst but many won’t see this. Just having them go directly into the Downloads folder might be a better option from a usability perspective.

Nuendo launched with no issues relating to opening a large VEPro Template at least on my Windows 7 machine.

Set your own download folder location.

Thanks Steinberg Team. N8.3.10 downloaded perfectly. +1

Well, before the Steinberg Download Assistant, the downloads were all over the place. MySteinberg, Asknet, Download pages, on request… if you need a current installer, it’s usually the Steinberg Download Assistant where you can download it now. The DNxHD is unfortunately a different thing as we cannot offer it openly. This one is bound to the MySteinberg account and a valid license. I don’t like it either.