Nuendo/Cubase unlimited inserts concept #1

In this topic, I intend to explain my idea about the expanded and unlimited functionality in the Inserts section. This idea has been shaped over years of working with reputable DAW software, and some parts of this concept have not been observed in any of the software so far.

Why does this topic refer to Inserts?
I believe that everything is moving towards unlimited possibilities, and Steinberg software should also take steps in this direction. Inserts are a section that everyone, whether amateur or professional, will interact with. Currently, the features of Cubase or Nuendo may be sufficient for amateurs, but for the complex processes of a professional user, they fall short.

A relatively brief descriptions in the image conveys the essence of the idea, but if needed, I will explain all the details to you. I have prepared several concepts specifically for the Edit Channel, which will ultimately transform into an infinitely complex processing, unlike anything available in any DAW.

The names of plugins have been chosen only for the purpose of guiding and identifying the text within the image and have no logical application.


I love this.

That’s when things like Blue Cat Patchwork or DDMF metaplugin come in handy before Steinberg gets on board with the idea.


You saw the other thread, right?..

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Wait, was that the one on the Nuendo forum?

This one, maybe?

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Oh yeah, I remember it now…

Even with the softwares you mentioned, I couldn’t manage to have two plugins in a way that the second one only affects the first plugin, not the entire track.

This concept encompasses all the relationships that can occur between plugins within a track.

What do you mean the second plugin only affect the first plugin? Like parallel processing?

FWIK MetaPlugin is able to do whatever signal flow you need. Patch work is slightly less flexible but also can do a lot

Inserts List

I have added two options, “Parallel” and “Indirect,” to the list. I have incorporated choices and ideas into my own designs to maximize adaptability for users. I still don’t know whether Steinberg pays attention to these, but I believe the future of their products should move in this direction.

“Exactly, consider having a reverb, and after that, an EQ that only affects the reverb, not the track itself. This means that if we put the EQ in High-Pass mode, we’re only eliminating the low frequencies of the reverb.”

I am aware that there are many tools for different tasks, but my mindset is to have them within the framework of my DAW. This not only saves costs but also provides us with a unified performance and appearance.