Nuendo + Cubase - Why isn't there a Pause Button?

They have different behaviour and I want both available at all times with one simple click:

Pause = pause at this location, then Play or Pause (again) restarts at the position it was Paused
Stop = stops at this location, then restarts at the previous Start position (like it does currently)

Even the simplest audio players have had this going back 30 years. I don’t understand whey there isn’t a Pause button???

I’m guessing you have “Return to Start Position on Stop” checked.

In Preferences under “Transport.”

“Return to Start Position” is also an assignable key command, in “Key Commands >Transport>Restart From Last Stop Position.” There are other start/stop position options there as well.

If you were to uncheck the preference and make a key command for it (say a modifier key and spacebar), maybe that would give you what you’re looking for.


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Hi Chewy - thanks for you response. Yes it appears if I deselect ‘Return to Start Position on Stop’ it will behave like a traditional ‘Pause’. But now it only behaves this way. What I’m really looking for is the ability to do it both ways at any time like any CD\DVD\BD player. Two seperate buttons in the Transport = 1-Pause ‘pauses in place’ and 2- Stop ‘returns to start position’.


Hi Mike,

I agree with you, so I made a simple macro and assigned a key command:

  1. Uncheck the box in the preferences (“Return to Start Position on Stop”)
  2. New macro: “Stop + Return” (or “Do it Again”, or whatever)
    Add two commands:
    • Transport - Stop
    • Transport - Return to Start Position
  3. Assigtn key command to that macro: Num 0
    (Num 0 was until now just stop/pause but for that you still have the space bar).


  • Space bar activates Start or Pause,
  • Num 0 activates Stop and Go Back to Last Start.

Does this qualify as a solution for you?



ditto what Karel said.

You could also de-activate ‘Return to Start Position on Stop’ so you have a pause when you press Num 0, and then to return to the start position just press Num 0 a second time - this triggers a hidden functionality which returns to the start position.

But you’re right there’s no traditional pause button on the transport.


You don’t need to make a macro to do this. Just deactivate the preference, and then make a key command for “Restart from last stop position.” That gives you both options anytime.

Unless I’m missing something here.


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Holy cow. I did not know about that one! Scratch my key command advice!

Unsolicited perspective: I absolutely would not want another button in the transport. Clutter. We all know what falls under the general umbrella of “stop,” and Cubendo’s great ability to customize key commands (not to mention features like you just described!) obviates the need for additional graphics, as far as I’m concerned.

I’ve been away from PT, Performer and Logic for long enough now that I can’t remember, but my recollection is that none of them have a dedicated Pause button. I stand ready to be corrected! :wink:
edit Well… it does look as if DP has one.

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Thanks for the ideas and solutions guys! I’ll try the Macros soon :slight_smile: Cheers!

Hi there…

PT 23.6 = No pause button.
Logic Pro X = No pause button.
Reaper 6.81 = HAS pause button.



You are a life saver. Cherry flavored. Thanks!

Hi there,
it is always good to learn, that others have the same issues …

I have to say that none of the macro suggestions has brought up a real PAUSE function that does NOT alter the original START position.

Please check this thread:

PAUSE means that I could halt transport and when I press it again (or press START) it will resume. This also counts while recording, it would still write into the same files, events etc.
When pressing STOP, transport returns to the last position where START was pressed from a STOP condition. Previous discussions unveiled that this is not achievable with macros and I have tried them all. Only solution/workaround:

  • Press a marker everytime you start transport.
  • Use stop as PAUSE
  • Use the marker to return to the last origignal START position.

This still doesn’t PAUSE recording, it STOPS recording. And I don’t want to set a marker just because I might want to PAUSE transport.

Had a chat recently with guys from Steinberg at a trade show, they know its a flaw but they dont want to change it. It would require more pressure from users.

But others are saying they don’t have the issue.

I have been Product Manager for Pro Audio software products myself. Sometimes you don’t know what you miss until you learned about it.

My experience with Nuendo is now since V3 and since then I hate the fact that there is no PAUSE command, almost everytime I am using it. I compose a lot and play an instrument while operating Nuendo and I listen repeatedly to certain sections of recordings together with my band colleagues. It is very tedious with the current feature set.

Logic Pro has a Pause Button/ function.

Change the thread title from a question to a feature request and then tag the thread with the feature-request tag.

The way I’ve been working is I put the playback to start from selection, using space, and assign “V” to start from last stop position. This way the two alternatives are pretty close, and I can easily choose if I want to pause or stop.

In the end, there IS a pause button in Nuendo, and it can be any key you want it to be.

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Well, not really.

  • You can STOP with or without going back to last STOP position but once you STOP a new START position is set. You cannot STOP several times and then decide to go back to the original START of your session. This is what PAUSE would do.
  • A Recording is always stopped, you cannot interrupt recording and simply resume it. This is also what PAUSE would do.

You are right about the recording part.

But if you reeeealy need that one starting point so badly, just create a marker, it’s easy. Or turn on start from selection and just click where you want.

Why do you need to pause a recording anyways? its not like you can seamlessly unpause a performance. Just record again and bounce the two clips together!

…Please let the devs fix things like ARA and DOP!

If you look through the related threads it appears, that quite many users come to the same point, that a PAUSE cmd would be very valuable. It is simply disappoining, that software as Nuendo at a price as Nuendo is lacking such primitive basic workflow features and suggests people to fiddle with macros or preventatively setting markers all over just to be able to interrupt listening or recording at random position without loosing a START position.
You may not need it but others do and want it. As far as I can see this is thread no. 5 or so on this topic.

Fair enough!
I stand corrected.

Steinberg, give us pause!