Nuendo + Cubase - Why isn't there a Pause Button?

Hi Gary
Can you show us as to what kind of pause you missing in Nuendo

It seems that there is no way to pause a project at any given point. It returns to zero (beginning). With my prior DAW, you could pause by pressing on the start button, and re-start by pressing on it again. There is no such feature on Cubase, which is counterintuitive.

Pressing the stop/record will pause, pressing play/record will play from the stop/pause or pressing the stop again will take you to the start position.
also pressing the space will pause in position A pressing space again will resume from position A pressing again will pause at position B and pressing option+space will jump the the start of Position B. keep pressing option+space will keep returning to start of position B and restart play and pressing shift+B will jump to beginning.

In your case its returning to 0 (beginning) because you have set it so in the transport in preferences.

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This is misinformation. Please see @Rajiv_Mudgal 's reply above. Please also see the manual for an explanation of all options (search under ‘Transport Menu’).

A little confused here. 2" tape machines don’t have pause buttons. Just stop. rew. ffw, play, record may have an edit button.Just like Nuendo.
I stop then when I hit play it starts from the stop position. Learn the software, as pointed out on the above post. It’s all in the preferences. I have a key command for play from last position otherwise it plays from where I stopped. No pause button needed.

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Um, there is a feature where you can toggle between returning to the last point where the cursor was, or stopping where you stop the cursor. Many DAWs have this option. It would be akin to “pausing” right where you stop the playback.

Menu / Transport / Start Mode / uncheck: Return to start position on stop.

We have 9 tape machines here in the studio. They have STOP and PAUSE. But playback always starts at the current position because a tape machine cannot easily rewind. The only difference is that PAUSE leaves the tape on the tape head and STOP ends completely.
This means that both pause and stop always start the tape at the current position.

Steinberg seems to have copied this from the tape recorder.
But it has bothered me several times when recording and working that this new, expanded type of stop and pause is not integrated.

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Well, to “expand” the pause feature, Steinberg would have to somehow replicate a piece of tape being on a tapehead. On tape machines, STOP lifts the tape off the tape head, while PAUSE leaves it on.

That is not the only difference, the other one is leaving the voltages for the motors ON in PAUSE mode, and turning that voltage OFF in STOP mode. This is because you want a faster engagement once you go back to play / record mode, whereas in STOP mode, you might end up rewinding or fast forwarding, which would cause voltage spiking issues in the motors, shortening their lifespan.

I don’t think I have to explain how these mechanical and electrical features of tape machines are impossible to replicate, and are totally unnecessary in a computer DAW. Do I? Those features do not change the sound in any way.


Not sure what this refers to…

The linguistic error is because I am translating from German.
What I mean by this is that Steinberg unfortunately hasn’t built the desired “pause” function into the software.

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Ah so. Maybe then, you can try to explain what you want Nuendo to do when you engage this “pause” feature. Thanks.

The amount energy that is being put into this discussion is baffling me. I understand that people have different needs but honestly, as a developer I would become very unhappy seeing this and it would actually steer me away from making any changes. Maybe people should just hire an assistant to press buttons instead of wasting everyone’s time.



The horse ain’t dead yet :wink:


I don’t get your comment. No such pause button on a half-inch, one-inch, two-inch machine.

My Jh24, atr80, 25-2 etc tape machines have play, record, ff, rew, stop. Double tap on the stop buttons disable reel motors…known as “edit” …but not lifters…which allows me to manually rock the reels and hear signal for edits. The autolocators can be set for various location…as with Cubendo markers.

There is no pause button on my tape machines (tape lifters not engaged…reel motors literally paused…capstan still turning…egads…or sure, that would burn out dc motors and capstan motors…not to mention tape damage.

Maybe pause on cassette decks? Doubt it. For sure on vcr machines. Return-to-zero buttons are around for sure.

As to Cubendo, I have cursor set to stationary…set to stay at stopped position.
THAT is “stop” on a tape machine…or “pause” if you like the term.

I’m playing something at 45seconds in on Cubendo…hit PAUSE/Stop (spacebar)…think about something I may want to do there…make a mental note…hit the spacebar again (UN-PAUSE) …song continues…hit PAUSE/Stop again (spacebar)

I of course, also have the always-available return-to-zero button …which for me is the “1” tab for markers.

Plus in my case, since Cubendos are all externally slave-syncd with my tape machines, I have the autolocater just to my left to punch to take the daws and tape everywhere/anywhere.

We professionally digitize audio 1/4 tapes for customers:
The most have “Pause”:

Coming from Television Broadcast Background and being director technical for Blackmagic for 4 years and DirectorTechnical for AJA India for 8 years I never came across the Pause-stop-play Issue. Aja’s flagship KiPro series of recorders that we launched and which went on to replace Sony Digibeta in many studios, the transport buttons were modelled on Sony DigiBeta which didn’t have a Pause button.
ofcource my own personal 30 years old JVC Umatic (which still works) has a pause button, but the Sony and AJA one’s didn’t. I always liked the sound of Umatic, It had magical depth and warmth to it but as you can see it’s lying unused in the store rack at home for past 6 years. But to be honest I didn’t find a single Television Broadcast engineer demand a JVC style pause button from Sony.

coming to current recording device my Zoom f6 also lacks one, the play and pause buttons are combined.
you could modify them as mentioned on page 171:

The point being what do you intent to do with a Pause button in 2024 because the [Stop] button [IS] the pause Button. Works both in playback and record mode.


I’d like to know the op intent as well. Pause on various video formats kept tape extended from the shell and engaged with rotary heads. But…position…is same as stop. On video or audio tape.

The guy with pause buttons on his Teac 3340/3440/6100/6300 (or whichever he has) are STILL…“stop/go”. They don’t do anything different positionally than a “stop” button does…ie…you’re still in the same tape location at stop-or-play(rec). While a blue “pause” button may be one circa 1971 way to remind one to switch the sel-sync (which in 1971 Teac couldn’t do auto-input-synchead-reprohead sensing…they didn’t solve that until 1976)…the blue button is still “Stop-or-go” from a fixed, point…the user has no control over position.

Cubendo can be set to do the same thing…or not…and/or return-to-zero (whatever one wants zero to be).

I’m (also in the camp of) not getting what the op wants…he APPEARS to be saying he wants three choices of where to go…and also wants…in general…to STOP/GO without the song and cursor reverting to some spot other than the “now” spot.

All of which Cubendo can instantly do.

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See here: Nuendo + Cubase - Why isn't there a Pause Button? - #24 by MattiasNYC

Ok…I see the words…and I see his statement that hardware audio players from 30 years ago could do this.

I don’t have a use for the op’s desire of three different stop-start location scenarios…but WHAT specific machines EVER did this with singular button taps?

And of course, I don’t mean auto-locaters…which the op must not mean either.