Nuendo Freezes every 60 sec - Cubase don't

Hi folks,

I have a problem with Nuendo (version 12, latest update):
Every 60 seconds the interface freezes completely. Video continues to run, audio too (sound is output), but the GUI does not respond. This happens for about 5-15/20seconds. I have Cubase 12 (latest version) on the same machine (same settings), which runs fine.
I have disabled (and also deleted) the user settings folder → no improvement. In this thread here (Nuendo's screen update freezes for 2-3 seconds ) it was speculated that these freezes start because of auto-save. I checked that → no, it’s not the problem. (The same plugins are active in Nuendo and Cubase).
My computer:
Windows 11 home
10.0.22621 Build 2261
Mainboard ASUS TUF GAMING B550-Plus
CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3950X 16-Core 3.5 GHz
AMD Radeon Pro WX 3200
RME- Fireface UFX2 (but was already the problem with the FF800) (newest Driver)
UAD 2 Quad

Who has good ideas? I can’t work with Nuendo like this :frowning:


Have you had the problem from the beginning? Or only since an update (of Nuendo or the OS)?

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Thanks for your quick reply!

I am not quite sure! I think it happened a few rare times with Nuendo 12 from the beginning. Maybe it was really autosave there… am just not sure :-/


Ah, I see. So it doesn’t happen every time, but only once in a while? Your post reads as if it happens every time you use Nuendo. And that would be terrible!

Do you work on the same projects in Cubase and Nuendo? Since the problem only occurs in Nuendo, it would be interesting to know why only there. I wonder if it’s because of the projects? Or a setting?
Do you use Nuendo or Cubase more often?

I know this is a stupid tip. But have you ever tried reinstalling Nuendo? Or updated the graphics card driver? (Or the opposite: sometimes the latest driver is not the best.)

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Thanks again for your input.

State of affairs is that it ALWAYS occurs :frowning: In Cubase everything runs tiptop - with the identical session files, that’s “the gag” :wink:

The one with the installation is not a stupid tip! I reinstalled the update today, I haven’t done a clean install yet, but will do so during the week (I’ve been using Cubase a lot more in the last few months).

I had thought of the graphics card drivers earlier. I will try that later or tomorrow.
What confuses me so totally: it occurs ONLY in Nuendo, not in Cubase. With the same sessions (and the identical settings). Strange that! :smiley:


Ever checked if Windows logs errors or irregularities?

Yes, that is strange. But the programs are not completely identical. Enough differences in the program code to cause problems that the other program doesn’t have.

If it really happens all the time and with every project, then that makes Nuendo practically useless. How annoying. :scream:

Fingers crossed that the reinstallation solves the problem.

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Yes… completely useless :frowning: I’ll try my very best… but I’m afraid it won’t work.

I will keep you updated.


I have this freezing GUI bug as well (from time to time, but not everytime).
But it also occured already when I was using Nuendo 11
Can’t reproduce it, don’t know where it comes from… I just live with it.
All th best

In the thread linked above there are also some people describing the problem. But for them it happens only once in a while and only a few times. But with Florian it seems to happen all the time. It is possible that all problems are due to the same cause. Would be interesting to know if there are commonalities? Because the problem does not occur with every user.
Therefore, the question is: Why does it happen to you, but not to others?! :thinking:


I had similar symptoms too during the past few weeks. Not very often. Recently, the GUI suddenly got frozen, but sound was still playing. Had to reboot the PC.

Had thought, that somewhat of the “mess” on my WIndows PC is part of the reason. :wink: Am on WIn10 with Built 22H2. Perhaps the version of the Windows Built plus its patches (am always up2date) has influence.

LG, Juergi

The problem seems to be more common than I thought. Interesting.
I hope to be spared. :blush:

Have you ruled out the Autosave interval delay?

It seems so:

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Try release driver when application is in background.
From my experience these freezes are usually a sign of bad driver installation/connection or some driver option.

Hey Folks,
I have - as suggested here - completely reinstalled Nuendo. After a few days of testing, I can report: It now works perfectly - so far!
Thanks to you


I just came in here to report that I am having the same problem.

Windows 10 Pro (most recent iteration)
Nuendo 12.0.52

I can find no connection so far to the behaviour. I have not updated Nuendo in at least a month and everything was working fine only days ago.
The issues are very similar to the ones described above: Nuendo “freezes” for a few seconds at frequent intervals (say every 10-15 seconds). When this freeze occurs, it is a GUI lag similar to the lag experienced during an autosave. For me, it is also a MIDI lapse, as when I am playing during the “freeze” no notes will play on VSTis. unlike other MIDI issues, the notes do not lag in a buffer, then get released in a burst- they simply don’t register as if I didn’t play them at all.

I have tried multiple project files and even created a new blank project (and of course restarting my computer multiple times) but the problem persists, and as FCSCholz says, this makes Nuendo unusable.

I also noticed that the task manager reports Nuendo as “not responding”.

Have you tried reinstalling Nuendo? (I suggest it because it helped “FCSCholz”.)
If this error suddenly appears out of the blue, it could be that an update of the operating system, for example, has changed or damaged a file that Nuendo needs. In this case, a reinstallation can repair the damage and Nuendo will work again. (As always, there is no guarantee that it will work for you. But it can’t hurt to try.)

I reinstalled the latest version of Nuendo 12 and the same exact problem (frequent freezing) persists.

The program at present is completely unusable due to this issue.

What could have changed in these past few days? I really hope you do not have anything set to do automatic updates in the background.

How is your external audio drive doing? Too fragmented? Permissions changed somehow?

What are your system specs?

I know some people will balk, they usually do when I suggest this:

Turn off your computer, and clean the insides of it really well.
Re seat ALL memory sticks, and all PCI cards.

Sometimes it is simply dust that has gotten into connectors, or bad seating of components in the motherboard.

I’ll be hiding in my bunker now… :wink:

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