Nuendo not starting witk Blackmagic intensity 4k

We are trying to get Nuendo running with the Blackmagic intensity Pro 4k PCI/E-card.

When we start Nuendo it freezes on the loading screen where it says on the bottom “Video Devices” (in german it is “Video-Geräte”, so i guess the english version is video devices).

We tried several different computers and tried with Nuendo 7,8 and 10. Sometimes it works after a PC-restart and Nuendo launches, but most times it freezes.

The Intensity 4k card on itself works with other programs like the blackmagic video editor.

We changed our systems back to the “old” HD intensity card and it works like a charm, so the problem seems to be Nuendo in combination with the Intensity 4k.

Is there a known issue with Nuendo and the Blackmagic Intensity 4k or any hints on how to solve this?

We are running on Windows 10 with the newest Nuendo Updates and Blackmagic drivers.