Nuendo projects with lots of imported SpectraLayers data crashes on load


I have a pretty big Nuendo project with several stereo files/songs on the timeline.

After unmixing stems with SL pro 8 and importing back into Nuendo (11.0.41) crashes on load. I can’t open the project in any way now.

The project was working and exporting fine while open.

( I do have a copy of the project prior to the unmixing, so I’m not dead in the water on this.)

This happens both on my Intel MacBook pro/catalina and on my M1 pro Monterey 12.1.

Any suggestions?


I think I might have run into this issue:

File size jumped to 3.89 GB. Nuendo tries to open it but crashes after a while.

Yes, same with CB11pro. I know (the hard way). I do all my unmixing in SP8 pro standalone app ,and export the unmixed files to wawe files and import them to cubase. Sadly, all the extra manual work I have to do is just what computers are designed to do.
I am just waiting for the programmers at Steinberg to get this. Is says that they are figuring this out and they been on it for more than a year now. We just have to wait I think.

Ok, thanks for the update.

I’ll do my unmixing stand alone for the time beeing.

best regards

So does it happen when the project is big size, or when the object (section) to unmix is big, or both?

Spectralayers and Cubase works together
via ARA integration. Meaning you can use SL inside CB as if it was part of CB and you can edit your files/tracks just where they are in CB. Else you have to export to SL do some SLing and put them back in CB again.
Unmix a short soundclip inside CB (30 sec. Stereo) makes your projectfile (.cpr) grov from MB to GB
Dont know bout Nuendo but CB crashes without warning trying to save files over c:a 4GB the ongoing work and the file you lodaded is,gone forever. If you are
SL-ing ( like unmixing) and .cpr file grows tog big you are in the same trouble. CB just stops and you have to kill it.