Nuendo Update-When?

I’m wondering when we’ll see an update to Nuendo, Cubase 10.5 has been out for some time now, I gave up my Cubase license for Nuendo, but I thought Nuendo was going to stay more current like Cubase.
Any word on when we. might see something?

Yes. I also thought the release dates were going to be closer together. It seems if if it were business as usual. Though N10 is working well for me.

A little unknown virus just may affect things all over the world, just a little, maybe…

I was hoping for this before corona hit. Anyway computer nerds can work from home.

The Steinberg people are working from home.
They do what they can, but there are a lot of procedures which have become much more complicated right now.
In unsuspected times, writing code is more or less a group-effort (meetings, sprints, review, regression tests, etc …)
I suspect that they all stay within the coding area which is unlikely to break other code.
Coding on the safe side and making proof-of-concepts.


Understood, I was just under the impression that Nuendo was going to be more current, it seems that even if the virus had not hit, we would be a good 8 months behind, it would have been great if they had provided Padshop 2 with the 10.2.20 fix, who knows when we’ll see that, it’s little things.
That being said Nuendo is working just fine, and I’m happy with it, I was hoping that when I upgraded to it it would have been like C Cubase, color-coded mixer tracks, etc
I hope everyone is safe and healthy.

I wouldn’t hold my breath for a major update in 2020. I think I read some place that Steinberg was excited to show off the new version during this year’s GDC, but that’s been cancelled, and with everything else going on it’ll probably be a while until we hear something.

There will be a major update this year.
We are already running Alpha versions here.


Unless Steinberg fires people there’s absolutely nothing to gain from postponing a release. Quite the contrary I would think, more money sooner is better.

Yes Update this year sound like AVID



Dear all,
Thank you for your comments. We’re going to release another (bigger) update still in Q2/2020, but Nuendo 11 is still in the making. It is correct, that Steinberg aims for closer releases of Cubase/Nuendo, and that’s what we still plan for the future. However, these are special times. The COVID-19 crisis actually let to a development delay but we’re doing our best to continue operations as normal as possible. Many colleagues working from home now. However, Nuendo in particular very often incorporates unique and elaborate features that are more than just improvements.

And Nuendo 11 will be a very unique update, once again. That said, we appreciate your patience until it’s done.

I hope you are safe & healthy.

Thank you,

Thanks for the info Timo. Keep well!!

Timo, Since everyone is shooting the question of update. I hope you can tell me of a source point that engineers like myself, can find a manual or videos or anyway to give a walk thru of the different versions of this beautiful platform up to the upcoming release? This could be a pipe-dream, but again, 30 years ago a DAW wasn’t anything we were tracking on!

Oh yes some us us were tracking on DAWs even earlier than that.

Is the next big Nuendo Update for 10 that you speak of a free update? Is Nuendo 11 Upgrade coming this year?

There will be (or at least should be) an update to Nuendo 11 this year.


What a about a advanced Bugfix concerning the ARA implemenation?
This REALLY sucks.