Nuendo Update-When?

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Not a single day goes by that I don’t check the news on Steinberg’s website, hoping to read the release of a new big update for Nuendo,
be it v10.5 or v11.
Despite the setbacks of the Covid-19, hopefully Steinberg keeps his promise to get more updates for Nuendo in a row because that’s the only reason why I switched to Nuendo from Cubase. Yes, hopefully after the new Dorico v3.5 update exit, we will soon have good news from Steinberg’s geniuses about a new big Nuendo update too.

An update is coming.
Already testing RC’s.
(sssshhhhhttttt … don’t tell anyone …)


:open_mouth: :open_mouth: when? D: I wanna know more information


What is this “testing” you speak of?

now now…

Hi Timo,
Please think of all the EUCON issues in your future updates (Nuendo 11??) and make EUCON controllers like the Avid S1 finally work as they should!
This is an issue FOR YEARS now!!

Thanks in advance,

Great to know!!! :smiley:

Finally some light on the horizon?
According to a Mexican saying, “Hope always dies last”

Anticipation is building! Hope we get some awesome new things and some better performance. Loved the new Expression map enhancements in Dorico 3.5 so maybe that will be coming soon to Nuendo/Cubase :slight_smile:.

I am tired of waiting to see in my Nuendo all the new features of a more often updated Cubase.
I’m going to buy from Stienberg online shop my new copy of the most recent version of Cubase just as Steinberg wants it by adopting that strange policy of updating Cubase more often with gorgeous new features that Nuendo owners have to wait years before they can have access to them, instead of sharing the Nuendo user license with Cubase.
I give up my friends, I will buy Cubase 10.5 sooner. You win dear Steinberg, my congratulations.

I would imagine compatibility with and updating Nuage has something to do with a slightly slower cycle. I think it’s more or less, Cubase is updated first, before Nuendo. Nuendo also has more features than Cubase which means there is also more to update/test.

I don’t understand how it would not be more logical and fiscally productive for SB to combine development for both apps into a single path. That would have to me more efficient.

Buy Cubase Pro for $XXX.xx. Then later, you can pay $XXX.xx to upgrade to “Cubase Post” or just pay $XXXX.xx to buy “Cubase Post” to begin with.

All the same DAW as far as code, you’re just unlocking the more powerful feature set when buying the upgrade. Same proposition as upgrading from Cubase Elements or Cubase Artist.

How does this not make sense? Seriously, tell me. I’m willing to learn.

That’s pretty much what is currently happening…
''New Features in Version 10.5.20
Improved Range and Event Editing
Cubase now includes the following range and event editing functions: Range to Next Event/Range to Previous Event, Enlarge Range to Next Event/Enlarge Range to Previous Event, Cut Head/Cut Tail, and Set Spacer between Selected Events. See Select Menu for Selection Ranges, Using Cut Head and Cut Tail, and Setting Spacers between Events.

Remove Multiple Busses
You can now remove multiple input or output busses at the same time in the Audio Connections window. See Removing Busses.

Enhanced Direct Offline Processing
The Direct Offline Processing window now allows you to reset audio processes to their default settings. See Direct Offline Processing Workflow.

Plug-in Report
The VST Plug-in Manager now allows you to create an extensive plug-in report with detailed information about the installed plug-ins on your system. See VST Plug-in Manager Window.

Adjustable Event Opacity
The new preference Event Opacity allows you to customize the visibility of the event background. See Event Display.

Improved Editing for Level Meters
You can now customize the appearance of level meters for all available scales. See Metering - Appearance.

Colorize Selected Channels
The new preference Show Color for Selected Channel allows you to highlight the selected channel by colorizing it. See User Interface - Track & MixConsole Channel Colors.’’

Does anyone love Nuendo and its owners in Steinberg?
Please take pity on us, we also exist and feel the same as the owners of Cubase the most favored.
It is only a matter of day for me to buy my copy of Cubase,
But what will become of all the other owners and users of Nuendo?

Thank you gutsystudio for the list. All that would be very nice to have for at least some of us right now or yesterday. However, Nuendo, being the most expensive DAW from Steinberg, does not get the new fine features that Cubase has, right away. Let alone ‘‘right away’’, it has been almost 7 months (at the time of posting this comment) since Cubase 10.5 has been released with many features that are not found (at the time of posting this comment) on Nuendo 10.

I personally find this sadly ridiculous and I hope that things as such get better.

Well we will keep on working, completing TV series and feature films and making albums just as we always have.

Yes new features and fixes are great. But if you have used DAW software for long enough you know that along with fixes and new features a new issue appears. Always.
The devil you know is often easier to deal with then the one you have never met before.

I mean look at that list of features, great stuff. Not having any of them will not stop me from doing the job I did yesterday, and to be honest not many of them will save me many seconds, or make my life a lot better, so I’d rather have a better release later than a rushed release now.

Just my opinion in the matter.

Hello all,

Thank you for your comments. I believe we’re having the old “leapfrogging” discussion again. Please allow me to add perspective to this discussion. First of all, Cubase doesn’t get all new features first. There are many new features introduced with Nuendo first, which Cubase only get with the next version - or even never. I recommend to have a look at the comparison chart. There are many Nuendo exclusives, not only related to post-production, but also e.g. Sound Design, Game Audio and some general workflows. That said, music features and “common” features are often introduced first with Cubase, that’s true. However, Nuendo benefits from a more stable release as it is usually based on a more tested version. For a professional product like Nuendo we consider the overall stability and reliability first, even over feature updates.

In former times, Nuendo’s release cycle was usually 2 years. We planned to bring that down to about 12-15 months. So the next Nuendo major version was actually planned for this June. But this year, everything is different, and that is even true for a software developing company. Due to the Pandemic and some further implication, it was impossible to keep the schedule. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s nothing coming.

Please wait for 1 more day.

Thank you,

Thanks for the info Timo.

Oooo, don’t toy with my heart Timo :eyes: