Nuendo vs Cubase audio quality differences?

Hi there :slight_smile: !

I’ve downloaded Nuendo just to check if it worth it to me to take advantage of the Crossgrade.

I’ve noticed something weird. I’ve opened the same project in Nuendo and in Cubase (the project was made with Cubase, by the way), and I could appreciate little changes in audio quality from one aplication respect the other.

To my ears, it seems like Nuendo is more “sharp”, more cristal sounding. Cubase instead, is a litlle more darker, a llitle more rounded sounding, more musical perhaps.

Have you had this impression too, or am I getting nuts?


Nope. And yes, you are nuts. They both use the same audio engine.
FYI this subject has been covered here countless numbers of times, always with the same conclusion. There is no difference.
For example see:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Yes, sure I’m completely nuts about this, but I had to confirm it. It must be the case that my mind has fooled me, probably I want to buy Nuendo and just need subconsciously an excuse :mrgreen: .

Thanks for the link :wink: .