Nuendo13 No audio file in MediaBay

I am using mac ventura with M2 cpu.
The mediabay always work perfectly in nuendo12.
Today I upgraded it to 13.020.When I open it,all of folder shows ok in mediabay,but only folder,there is no audio file in the mediabay pool.I tried to rescan disk,it finished too fast in 2 second,its not normal,and there is also no audio file showed in every folder.
I tried to delete all of mediabay preset even deleted the folder"steinberg mediabay".
I did all I can do.when I restart it,it will scan disk but still very fast,issue is still here.
now I can not use nuendo13 for any work without what I paid for?

have you checked your filter settings for the results? You may be filtering out the files you want.

I’m not really sure what you are trying to say with this statement.
Can you provide a screenshot? Maybe we can see something.

thanks for reply.I am sure I have not used any filter.all I do is the same as doing in nuendo12,but nuendo12 is no issue for me.

I gusee it probably caused by chinese code?just guessing.
The better explain is that I can see all of folder(including chinese code) in mediabay but no audio file can be showed or searched,always empty after file searching.

Maybe you need to reset the search text to empty space.

thanks,but I have tried anything I can do.also some friend here give me some ideas to try,nothing happened,issues still here.

Its the second time to pay for nothing(first time is nuendo11 offline processing issue never solved).
very annoy and very disappointed to Steinberg.


Sorry to hear about your issues.

I am not the MediaBay expert but it could be this is related to this existing thread. Some of the bugs encountered have been fixed by @Joerg

Could you point out to the original thread you had created for this issue? I would like to have a look at it.

Thank you very much for your invaluable help!


I upgraded 10 to 11 but offline process issue never got fixed untill I paid for 12,everything in nuendo 12 works perfectly untill I upgraded to 13.Mediabay is no1 important for my film sfx work but now it can’t be used.So I guess this time I paid for nothing again.

Hi again,

Thanks for point out to the original bug. Do I get this wrong or this bug is then no longer occurring in C13?


yes.the offline proccess issue has never happend on 12 and 13.only mediabay issue in 13 is killing me.

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I see, so here you meant it was never solved in Nuendo 11?

I guess so,but only on PC.But After 12 out I have never used 10 and 11,also changed to use mac.So I remembered it still issues on the last update of 11

Sorry about the confusion. My main point is to confirm whether this problem is still occurring in C13 in the end. It seems it is not occurring in C13 so I do not have to take actions here.

Regarding the Mediabay issue.
AFAIK, Cubendo 13 got an updated version of Mediabay, which means that the content needs to be rescanned. Can this be the issue?


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Yes,I did many time of rescanning,deletting and adding new mediabay.Normally the rescanning should be done in 20sec-40sec for my HD,but in 13 the rescanning will be done in 1 sec,it seems not right,its done but there is no audio file will be shown on the right place,only folder can be shown.

one month later,steinberg guys has never replied my email and nothing update there.hopefully they can fix this issue before nuendo 14.

Well, where are the screenshots?

There is no need for a screenshot.
I just update the N13 to newest.But the issue still here.
There are no any audio file in media bay.
All audio file show perfectly in Nuendo10,Nuendo11 and Nuendo12(I installed all of them).
I try to delete madiabay profile time and time again and rescan disk time and time a again,but no audio file will show in the window.