Media bay 1.1.30 Issue - Exported MIDI files not scanned

The latest Media bay version 1.1.30 will not see exported midi files. All fine before media bay update. Tested on two PC’s. Windows 10 and Windows 11.

How to format a bug report

Here we go. …I think it’s quite clear what the problem is. …If Steinberg don’t want to know that their new shiny media bay doesn’t do a basic thing like see midi files, fine… BTW I did read that “How to do a bug report” What did I do wrong?

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What does this mean “Here we go”?

I don’t work for Steinberg, and since I can see midi files I have previously exported in the mediabay on my system, and, since I don’t see any other posts describing the symptom I figured it’s a reasonable suggestion.

You don’t have to do anything, of course.

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Have you ticked the Midi select in the filters Ian ?

Yep. But thanks.

You posted the “How to post a bug report” link. Which to my knowledge I had already followed correctly. Hence why I asked what did I do wrong. I took this as a dig. If I read this wrong I apologise. …I spent a long time building up my collection of drum beat midi files which have worked on every other previous version so I’m quite frustrated. Sorry if I got the wrong end of the stick.

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I Can confirm an Issue with EXPORTED midi files not showing up in the media bay

Repo :
Open project
Add midi track
Play midi notes
use locators to cycle
Go to Midi export
Export Midi file .
Open media bay and direct to the folder where the midi files are saved …
Rescan , rescan , rescan … NOTHING ! zilch , NO exported midi files show in ANY of the media bays


As you can see All media is selected in the bay , the folders been rescanned and it shows NO MIDI FILES

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Yes, I can too confirm this, after updating the mediaBay.
I created a folder just for testing. Before the update, I’ve exported a MIDI File, and it did show up in MediaBay. I then updated to the new version of mediaBay (I’ve seen this OP and did the update) and then exported again another MID. It won’t show up, though it’s obviously there, after rescan (quick or deep).

Here’s my test folder:


And my mediaBay shows just the previous file only:

Note that there are no filters involved.

EDIT: I checked the mediaBay server db as well, it’s not shown there as well, so we can exclude a read exception, seems that it’s not scanned at all.

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I would advice adding an ISSUE tab , otherwise this will go unfixed

How/where do I do that?

Just did this for you. You can always do this by using the pencil icon at the title of the thread.

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How.? Isn’t it only the OP who can change/add those kind of things (or a moderator who has uber forum powers).?

Users with the “Regular” assignment, can too.

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Interesting @m.c … thanks

Gotcha @Highly-Controversial - thanks for further insight… didn’t know nothin’ about this…!

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I can no longer scan for downloaded midi files. All previous midi before update is still there but any new files don’t show >