Numbering of Layouts


I want to have the Paritur as the first file my ordering on disk, but Partitur is numbered with 1 and the first player too:


…not want to type manual or click all sorting numbers for each layout…

…and number “0” is not possible, for e.g.a output like this:



You can’t. This has been requested before (here for instance: FR: Number layouts sequentially regardless of type)

In the meantime, either put up with both being numbered 01 until they’ve been exported, then manually renumber, or manually renumber to a high number rather than insisting on 0. For instance, on a recent orchestra+choir piece I went with 01-whatever for part layouts, 100 for Full Score, 101 for Choral Score, 102 for Piano-Vocal Score etc.

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…what I tried: selected, Partitur, set file name in print menu to “00” instead of $n.

…it isn’t possible only for the Partitur…all parts are begining with “00”.

…is it a bug? I didn’t copy it to all.

So I have to set manual or wait…


No, this is how it’s supposed to work. The file name recipe is for each export format. Copy to all is for copying the recipe from PDF to TIFF, for instance.

This is documented here: Export File Names dialog