Numbering two bar repeats

Is there a way to number two-bar repeats?
Or at least hide the „2“ above the bars, so I can number the bars manually or any other workaround?


There’s no way to do this at present, Andy. Is it often done to hide the “2” above the barline in the middle of the two-bar repeat?

Never have seen that in my 35 years as a copyist/engraver.

Hi Daniel,
Thank you for your reply!
I write a lot for show bands and theater bands who generally have to sight read with tight rehearsal schedules.
If you have a two-bar drum phrase repeating over 32 bars for example, it would certainly increse readability to have an option for some kind of bar numbering instead of seeing 3-4 lines of „2s“.
It is fine for a few bars, but for longer passages this would clearly help. Especially, since the double slash indicates the two-bar repeat anyway.


Sure, I understand. I’ll talk to the team about how hard it might be to extend the automatic numbering we already have for single-bar repeats to two-bar repeats.

Thank you so much, Daniel!
I really appreciate your support!


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(Would be good if grouped bars could also be numbered for player to keep track). An automatic thick or double barline between repeat groups would also be clearer, otherwise it can be difficult to tell where one ‘4’ ends and the next begins.

This is a good demonstration of why 4-bar repeats should not be used IMO. Any of the 3 variations on this notation below would be clear to the performer and more likely to be counted correctly on the first pass when sightreading.


Yes. It would really be a very helpful feature!
To sightread a lot of grouped bars without numbering is a nightmare.

To sightread a lot of grouped bars is also a nightmare, numbers or not.

I agree with FredGUnn, I removed the '4’s and replaced these with repeating numbered '1’s (or un-numbered '2’s), for clarity.

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