NYC LGT Fri 4/29?

Hey, I’m going to be in New York city, not sure the location or timing yet, next friday. If any one wants to gather.
Still waiting on the exact details… so, just throwing it out there.

I could be in the office on Friday if you want to get together for a mid-afternoon brew / coffee / food. :smiley:

Excellent, Larry. I am still waiting on exact specifics for everything (legalities, yet again :nerd: ) to know if this is really going to happen.

Contracts are being reviewed this weekend and I hopefully should know exactly what is happening in the beginning of the week. Hopefully that’s enough time for you to do your planning.

Side note: Does anyone know or worked with a intellectual property attorney in the Philadelphia area?

Wait – I’m getting my “Larrys” confused

Who was the Larry who lives in Las Vegas? The one who I was supposed to have a drink with last year but blew off? :laughing:

You mean, as in the proverbial “Philadelphia Lawyer?” :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Ha! yeah, well, at least in the music industry. There’s a contract regarding music/video rights which is holding up friday’s shoot scheduling details in NYC that I am supposed to be in. My artist received a contract from the video production company (who will be doing promotional work after its complete) and they are trying to iron out the rights.

I haven’t a clue about this stuff. Figured I would ask if anyone knows someone.

Wait. This is for a video shoot? Do you have a makeup artist already? Even if so, keep my wife in mind for future videos. She’s phenomenal and even though she now specializes in weddings, she spent a few years in LA working on film and TV and is even in IMDB.

Wasn’t me. I now live in NJ but before that lived on Long Island.

Larry, I am a man. I don’t wear makeup!!! :smiling_imp:

LOL… Where are you located (and your wife). I have a photo shoot down here with a different group that may be interested. This happens in a couple of weeks. 7-8 people in the shoot. Live performance outside. There is also a video shoot for this same group coming up as well. I could ask them if they were interested. I am in West Chester, PA. I don’t have the location for the photo shoot yet, but I think it will probably be south of here by about 20 minutes, maybe more.

Eh Tom!

If there’s and LGT, then I’ll most likely be around to be on Skype, if there’s a laptop near you.

Looks like earlier that day, I will be on Skype, partying with Robin Hare, his lady, and a couple of their friends. On account of some insignificant wedding of which I knew nothing UNTIL they told me.

I’m gonna respond to your PM etc … I’ve been keeping my head above water with a cold/flu at the same time as doing music engagements for Easter. I want to give you proper and well thought out response.

All the best

Glyn, no worries what so ever. What ya got from me is so rough (just faders up) that once it is in mix stages, it will be entirely different from what you heard anyway. Be well, relax and rejuvenate. :smiley:

The Larry I’m thinking of was called “gosteel” in the old Forum

I was just kidding actually :nerd:

Larry, I am a man. I don’t wear makeup!!! > :smiling_imp: >

That’s your date with Larry out of the window right there :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re about 2h 30m north of you, in Hardyston, NJ. Look it up to get an idea of where we are.

Get in the back of the line. :stuck_out_tongue: He has to do the vocals for my song first. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Scratch that. I was gently reminded that my wife is having maintenance done on her hair extensions that afternoon. She’s off from work and the baby isn’t in daycare, so I’ll be home for the 4h that it takes. :frowning:

Ah well…next time.

Nobody’s twisting your arms my dear Glyn :wink: … if you’d rather sleep on then hang out with the 'mericans, no worries! :laughing: I’m sure we will down much champagne at 6:00AM (Eastern time) nicely sans Zenda, then sleep it off later! We’ll pass your apologies to the grand-mother of the groom! She’s in our loo, incessantly waving her hand… err, I’ll wave back whilst passing the champagne on so to speak! Mustn’t have you feeling poorly because of some insignificant wedding. :astonished: :blush: :laughing:

One of these days, if fuel ever gets cheaper, I’ll have to head down to New Jersey… :smiley: Hope a good time is had by all. :sunglasses:

Larry Hi … Tom sent nothing I am to sing or play on :slight_smile: The only response I have been waiting to give him is Clear Written Thoughts and Appreciation of work he sent because I like listening to his work. As it is, with the Choir at Easter, I’ve not been able to do anything except stand with them and look serious. This cold and flu has fecked my voice totally. I did do one of the ‘readings’, but I could hardly whisper, so I went half an inch from the mic and ‘bass-burped’ - it sounded like one of the Voiceover bad Guys from Mortal Kombat :smiling_imp:

I’m sorry to hear your voice is still fecked. :frowning: Hopefully you’ll get better soon!

Scratch that. She moved her hair appointment to Thursday, so I could make it into Manhattan on Friday if needed.