Oblique line

How do you draw a line between the two toe symbols ?
It works in engrave mode, but it’s not saved in write mode.

You could perhaps define the two toe symbols as a playing technique group, and edit the toe playing technique to show a line as its continuation, then manually position it in Engrave mode?

Thanks Daniel, but the problem I have is that the modifications made in engrave mode are not taken in account when I return in write mode (the line stays horizontal).

Please attach a project that demonstrates the issue you’re experiencing.

Don’t forget that some adjustments made in Engrave mode won’t appear in galley view, but you will find that those adjustments are shown as expected in Write mode when you use page view.

Why not create a new line type with toe-symbol end caps?


You are right Daniel, I was in galley view, where I am 99% of the time…