Octave doubling in keyeditor

Is there a key combination in Cubase for copying notes and puting it octaves lower/higher

Note: there is Shift for octaves lower or higher, but it the original notes are not preserved


Add these commands to a macro:

  1. Locate Selection Start
  2. Copy
  3. Paste
  4. Add Up

Name the macro “TSPN8up”, then create a keyboard shortcut.

Select the notes that you want to double, then use the keyboard shortcut you just created.

Thanks @alin89c !

Seems that i must try to get familiar with macro programming in Cubase
I will try this out for the doubling bass notes of a chordprogression.

It works great !, the macro TSPN8up I just made : assigned to a free keyboard shortcut y
For command 4. Add Up I replaced with Add Down ( Shift + cursor down) , so the selected notes are placed one octave lower.
Note: probably handier to replace the name for the macro TSPN8up : octave doubling down?


As is often the case in Cubase there are multiple ways to do things.
If you are using Pro you can use the Logical Editor for this too.


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Yes,I use cubase 11 pro, and did saw a program somewhere on the internet what can easier control the logical editor in Cubase.
There was a example of arpegiatted chords, what could be further tweaked ( this got my attention)

Do you think that this logical editor can help me ?

Well it depends on what you want to do. The Logical Editor is basically a mechanism that lets you build your own custom ‘tools’ to manipulate MIDI data. It has a cousin in the Project Logical Editor which manipulates Project elements like Tracks, Parts & Visibility. They both work in the same manner, so if you know how to use one, you know the other. I think they have a rep for being more difficult than they really are. That said they do take some learning.

While powerful on their own LE Presets can be combined with each other and other Cubase Commands using Macros. For example I have 2 LE Presets - one that increases the velocity of Notes on beats 1 & 3 by +15, the second does beats 2 & 4 by +8. These are combined in a Macro which is assigned a Key Command. Now I can take some hand entered MIDI Notes and with a Keystroke apply a basic accent pattern to them.

Below are my LE Presets, which gives you an idea of the kinds of things you can do with it. But those are just the tasks I wanted to address. I’m sure other folks’ list would be totally different. The categories in the upper left are the example Presets that come with Cubase.

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TSPN8up = Transpose Selected Preserving [the original] Notes [one] 8 (octave) up.

Think there are uses for me with the logical editor too.
Started a while ago into classical composing , but the first macro command is now the octave doubling down.

The namegiving… 1 octave omlaag ( in Dutch)
Transpose is also a keyword, so your abbrevation make sense too.

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Lasso the notes, alt+drag the notes where you want them…much easier :slight_smile:


Yes,I could also do that, but : select + key for a fixed transpose( one octave in this case ) is most easy
It is all not that important, that transposing is a minor thing for composing

The preset names I posted are for frequently done tasks. But the LE is useful for one-off tasks that you wouldn’t have reason to save.

Thanks , @ Raino
I did a octave doubling down one octave as a macro.
This also possible with the logical editor easy?

Yes the Preset I first posted duplicates a Note two octaves higher. If you changed the “24” to “-12” it would duplicate the Note an Octave down. At the bottom of the image where it says “Insert” is what causes the Note to be duplicated. That can also be set to “Transform” in which case it would move the existing Note.

In my example I do have a 4 bar chord progression and the bass notes must be doubled 1 octave down.
Cannot be done faster then with the macro I think : select bass notes in Cubase + key press y …ready.

I do see another use of the logical editor : reinforce the beats with a higher velocity : so every first beat of this 4 bar chord progression (taken as example) get a higher velocity.

Is there a software program ( can’t find it back) to find, what replaces the GUI of the logical editor for easier handling?

Yes. The software program is called a scripting language. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am a little hesitant to use the logical editor and learn all ins and outs , because composing is at his own is rather involving for now to master.
So I try it to keep for now as much simple as possible.

But for now I do like to want make stronger first beats for some bars
Let’s look at the logical editor …