Octave doubling in keyeditor

This is the Preset I use to accent beats 1 & 3. To make it only on beat 1, remove the line indicated in red.

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It’s a powerful tool the logical editor , but it needed some study
How to Use The Logical Editor in Cubase | Q&A with Greg Ondo - YouTube

Yes indeed. Fortunately a lot of folks on here can answer questions about it and/or share examples.

Yes, examples stated in musical terms with their logic should be handy…

Thanks again for this help
I am now diving into both logical editors
Is there some serious studymaterial to find for both logical editors, besides examples?

I don’t have any specific recommendations, but I’d expect this gets covered on the Cubase YouTube Channel. Also I’m a big fan of the Groove 3 site, they have quite a few tutorials on using Cubase. You can get an all access pass for a month or two and binge. Keep in mind that a lot of features like the Logical Editor worked the same in Cubase 7 as 11. So if you find a video that is on target for what you are looking for, but is for an older version of Cubase it will most likely still be applicable today.


Thanks :grinning:
At the moment i am trying to hide the tracks in Cubase in a template …or enable/disabling and hide/unhide them with the help of the Project logic Editor and macro
Probably hide/unhide tracks will be enough to work with
see: Stream Deck use and Disabling tracks with it - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

I am trying now to figure this out .

I came up with a way to show/hide Tracks using their Color Names as tags. But the method could be tweaked to use text-strings in the Track Names.

Your example is for more differentating the template management…
I keep it for now simple.
In this case i do want hide /unhide empty tracks
So first i select the empty tracks and then hide /unhide
Its a default template setup …

Hiding tracks, but unabled maybe also?
But perhaps is hiding tracks alone enough, because the template has not too much instuments
assigned to it.!
For now i hide/unhide tracks ( with instrument assigned or not) in template only.
Assign this later to a knob on the Stream Deck controller …super

The key to hiding/unhiding based on the Track Name is to have a well defined naming convention and stick to it. Then you can hide all the Tracks with ‘XYZ’ in their name or ‘ABC’ or only those with both ‘ABC’ & ‘XYZ’

Some of the built in Visibility Agents might be useful too. Although most (all?) can also be done in the PLE.

My template is for hiding /unhide for all unusedinstruments and your template is suited for hide/unhide for example instrument section say : strings
Giving the color red the name : strings and this red folder : Strings contains all string instruments.
Suppose i do want hide/unhide a only strings in the strings folder to my existing template : type S

This is what you mean i think?

yes, but of course taking into account your desired workflow.

Yes, adding buttons on the StreamDeck for Cubase for different orchestral composing instrument sections in a template is possible.
Don’t know if showing all hide/unhide unused instruments is probably better working for the composing workflow
I like the idea that say as example adding brass : hide/unhide brass to show this alone and work further on with this.

Thing is because you get to decide your workflow you don’t need to commit to one method or the other. You can mix & match however you like.

Yes, that is a good point to realize ( i did not, till i got your post) , that i can mix the workflows
Now with the Stream Deck it supports this workflow easily, because the Stream Deck has button pages for Cubase.

I am waiting for a tutorial what show Cubase setups with a macro and more hopefully, but it is not yet ready.

Then i can start with the Stream Deck setup and working on a orcheststral template