Octave line resize bug

I’m sure this has been discussed previously, but I haven’t seen any updates in a while and can’t find any of the old posts.

Dorico’s default size for the 8 in the octave line is too big. The default is 2 spaces tall. Elaine Gould recommends 1½ spaces tall. I can resize the 8 in the Edit Music Symbol window.

The problem is that the octave line gets sufficiently wonky across system breaks. Just curious if there are any fixes planned soon (or not soon) and what everyone has been using for workarounds.

Daniel’s explanation of the problem (from 2019) is here.

My workaround has been to forego the parentheses on the continuation. Not a good solution, but preferable to the oversize 8 for little piano scores I’ve been making.

Yes, unfortunately there’s not been any changes in this area as yet. We can rework the way octave lines are drawn, but it requires a decent time investment and as yet we’ve not been able to find the time.

What you could do is consider scaling down the octave line via the Custom scale property and compensating for that by adjusting the line thickness, gap length and dash length in Engraving Options.

This is the workaround I’ve been using. Works fine for now!

If you used Finale in the past, it appears their included instruments GIfF (at least in the most recent upgrade) includes a Kalimba in the World section; and Dorico can install and run the Aria Player that comes with Finale.

It appears there is also a free Kalimba sound for the Aria or (free) Sforzando Player at Free SFZ Sounds | ARIAEngine.comARIAEngine.com