Official list of plugins incompatible with Wavelab?

I searched and couldn’t find anything. Is there an official list of VST plugins that do not work in Wavelab? It would be helpful for those of us who use VST plugins outside of Wavelab to know ahead of time if there’s going to be trouble.

BTW, BlueCat’s Patchwork is mentioned on here as a fix for some plugins that don’t work natively in Wavelab, but in testing it, it adds between 0ms and 6 seconds of silence to the end of every file it renders (depending on which plugin you are using), adding one more unwelcomed step to the workflow.

Maybe Wavelab needs its own plugin format. Like VSTWL or something to that effect. At least this way we know developers have tested it for the platform beyond just making it work in all the other DAWs that run VSTs.

A funny but also good idea. I think way too many developers only test VST/VST3 in Cubase and assume WaveLab will be fine but as we all know on this forum, that is not the case.

I’m not sure why it’s doing that, but you’re right if you’re talking about the Acustica VST-2’s like the Ivory3Comp3BT that are still crashing on render in the Master Section. In BlueCat It’s adding 5 seconds silence at the end.

In BlueCat change to the factory preset called “Wrapper”, and it should be ok. It’ll open with just one slot, but if you need to add more plugins you just add more Rows with the “Select Rows” control at the top.

Thanks for the info! I’ll give it a shot and see how it goes.

You could probably make a list from here:
As you’ve found, and I’ve said elsewhere, I’ve tried a number of the problem plugins in that thread in wrappers like BlueCat Patchwork and DDMF Metaplugin within Wavelab and gotten them to work that way without problem as a workaround. But of course it’s also better to send the plugin maker a helpful link to trial Wavelab and ask them to fix their plugin.

I’ve wondered what the situation is particularly with the existing vst 2 Acustica plugins, or whether they’re nearly all vst3 and work now?