Official/Unnoficial Update Instructions/Tips?

Hi - Being that it’s been probably 5 years or more since I updated any Cubase programs, and having read lots of stories about bad things that can happen if it’s not done right, I was wondering if there’s a place somewhere on the Steinberg site giving details of how to that properly - things like “rename your VST folders first, copy your preferences and put them somewhere safely”, or other instructions/nuggets … I’ve looked around but no luck -

I know I’ve read a lot of sad stories about how to do it wrong … I’m hoping to avoid those things :smiley:

Sorry, I should say I’m looking to go from 6.0.0 to 6.0.5. I’m staying on XP for a while.

Thanks much in advance for pointing me towards anything helpful -

Aloha a,

Try searching ‘Support’ at MySteinberg (link at the top of the page)

There are links for the Knowledge Base

as well as

Tips and Tricks.


Aloha c!

I did first off, but I found there just a paragraph encouraging said update - .

I wouldn’t be surprised if I were overlooking the obvious, though … it wouldn’t be the 1st time!

Thanks -

Ah, thanks curteye, we were posting at the same time!

I’d gone through those links before, excellent ones, but I couldn’t find much beyond the “XP SP2 compatibility mode/administrator” hint to help me prepare for updating. If you happen to come across something else, please let me know.

In the meantime - thanks for helping! :slight_smile:

Mashed mitten has kindly put links in his signature. See any of his posts. Very handy.

The only thing that might happen is a VST instrument or plugin may fail to load, in which can it can be re-instanced and initialized via a preset.

Thanks, Conman. I seem to be suffering from a really bad case of internet blindness. As I mentioned above, I have already trawled through the Knowledge Base, and other parts of the Steinberg website, and am unable to find instructions on how to perform the update. With both you and curteye helpfully pointing me to the knowledge base, I have to assume it is there, and that it’s just not meant for me to find it tonight.

I’m thinking the best thing is to go to bed and try again tomorrow (and not sign any legal docs in the meantime…).

Thanks much -

There are no “instructions” on how to update the software other than to click install and then no to the E-licenser if it is an older version (you can always get the latest version of eLc from but the routine might be that newer components aren’t copied over.

Regarding the Application Data Folder, there are no reports of anyone losing presets, preferences or key commands when updating from 6 to 6.0.5 (going from version 5 might yield different results).

In fact the only potential problem might be color settings but this can be managed via templates and backing up of selected projects.

Thanks, Pinata, that would explain it I guess. Surprising to me, given the what seems like a large amount of problems reported here. But, IIWII - thanks again, Pinata!