Old Noob seeks uptodate sound driver advice

I’ve just started trialling Cubase Elements on a Windows 10 PC. First challenge I had was that my realtek sound driver was not being seen by CB. This was fixed with AISO4ALL. However, one of the features of AISO4ALL is that you can’t use audio with any other programs. I’m trying to sample audio and import these in to CB on the fly but, currently I have to close CB, sample the audio and save it, open CB again and drag and drop the file. There must be a better way to do this?

PS, Be gentle. I’m a returning music enthusiast who’s last bit of kit was a Korg Triton…

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Where (what application) do you sample the audio? Why not use Cubase?

Btw, if the other application doesn’t have to work in real-time, you can use other but ASIO driver type.

As Martin said, you might be able to do your sampling straight in Cubase.
You can otherwise try the setting “ Release driver in background”.

Good question, because I didn’t know you could? All the Youtube vids I’ve watched showed dragging and dropping sample files or loading as VSTs. I want to sample from Youtube, Apple Music or similar and was using the Chrome extension “Sample” to do this. Is it possible to play audio via something other than CB and record the sample on CB?

Is that a setting in CB?


Yes: Studio > Studio Setup > Audio System.

You can use several apps/extensions to make a WAV file from the source. Then you can import the file to Cubase.

Or you can use virtual audio cable to route the signal to Cubase.

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Guys, please stop giving advice to release driver in background. Even my Realtek soundchip has a multi-client driver.
The solution is to tell Windows not to block the audio device.


First, Thanks @Johnny_Moneto for the links. Second, Unfortunately I’m back with the same/worse problem. I have…

Matched Sample rate to 41.1k to match default Cubase
Unchecked “release driver” in ASIO4ALL settings
Unchecked “Allow applications to take exclusive control” in the realtek Speaker Properties

I now find that ASIO is reporting that the realtek HD Audio Output is unavailable. I get audio from Youtube, games and everything else.

Maybe it’s because I’m using Win11? Can’t see why though.

Which driver version does your Realtek device use? (You can look it up through the Windows Device Manager)

I did an update today even though it said it was up to date. Version 6.0.8795.1 is what it is now. Different to yours I notice…