Omit path in cue sheet file ?

Any help appreciated :
I am going crazy, looking for an option which I know exists, but that I cannot find inWavelab 9/9.5 (nor in the manual)
When producing a “CD image and cue sheet” I don’t want the file path to be included in the cue sheet.
Everytime I configure a new version of Wavelab it takes me ages to find this f#à@^ option ! in the meantime I delete it by hand in the cue files, but I sure wish this option was easy to find !
Almost the same goes for the option to keep graphic files from cluttering my folders, I know it’s there but it takes me ages to find it…

Mark Haliday

This is a montage export option, hence you find it there:

Out of curiosity: what are you using CD Cue Sheet for, in 2018 ?

For the other issue, there was recently this topic:

My guess is to send to vinyl pressing plants.

Yep. I create an audio CD report for each vinyl side (cassette too!) and thanks to the new “CD Track Group” option from one single montage I can render a WAV or each side, and then create an audio CD report for each side and have the report for side B make sense with the audio file which of course starts at 0:00 for the vinyl/cassette side and not wherever it would land on the CD/Digital release.

I think I also use the CUE sheet when rendering my initial montage to print the plugins but then create a new montage from the result to inspect the rendering before doing my final renders to various formats/bit-depths/sample rates etc.

I thought wav cue and flac cue (with embedded cuesheet option in flac) was still used in the audiophile community for some reason. One thing I noticed Wavelab doesn’t seem to offer an option to embed the cuesheet in flac.

I doubt it’s what Frenchman is using the cue for, and the audiophiles possibly use it for 44.1 16 bit CD rips only, but I did a lot of testing back in 2015 making cue images in Wavelab with higher res files (24/48 24/96), and found that the cue images were quite usable in existing players like Foobar 2000, Jriver, and XLD, with hi-res audio image file, and full album “metadata” like a DDP. So I hope the image and cuesheet feature is not being considered for retirement.