On Mac Audio interface as input and Built-In device as output?

I am trying to set my M-Audio interface as input and want to have the built-in device (like speakers or headphones) as output. I already set up the audio interface as input by selecting it in
Studio → Studio Setup → ASIO driver
Then in Audio Connection → Inputs I can see the audio interface as input device, however in Outputs i see only the audio interface as Output, and not the Built-in
Somebody, please help. I am new to Cubase)

As u can see, there is no Built-In device

Hello, as far as I know you cannot set separate devices for inputs and outputs. However, you could probably make an aggregate device in the audio midi setup utility. This would combine the inputs and outputs of your built in driver and audio interface. Then you can select the combined device in Cubase and select which inputs and outputs you want.

There also might be some third party software that could do this as well, such as audio hijack, but I’m not 100% sure about that.

Thanks for the reply. I tried and that worked fine BUT Cubase support guys said that this is not officially supported feature. However I am still confused why this is not possible. For instance, GarageBand has an option to select the audio interface as input and external device as output (see screenshot) :slight_smile:

So every program has different features. Cubase does things that GarageBand can’t do, and vice versa. Same with Pro Tools and Logic. They are all made by different companies and have their own pro’s and cons.

The developers of Cubase have chosen to not include this feature. Truth be told, I don’t think a lot of people are requesting it, but feel free to make a feature request post and maybe it will gain some traction. Ya never know.

Glad the aggregate device is working for ya.

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Also FYI aggregate devices are not always the most stable thing in the world. Which is probably why Steinberg doesn’t officially support it.

I hope it works great for you, but it might cause crashes. Long term you might want to find another solution, such as purchasing speakers or headphones to hook up to your audio interface.

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