On the second click of transport stop button, cursor no longer returns to the start position

I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one experincing this issue, it worked fine on my cubase 10.5 but stopped working with Cubase 11. So I am eagerly wating an update to solve this so you can double click on stop button an return to the starting point where you clicked play. Thanks Turbobluzz for bringing up this topic/issue.


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This is so far my only problem but for me it’s a BIG inconveniece

Otherwise I have been happy with Cubase since SX3 :grinning:



yes please, I need this function too!

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Another vote for prioritising “return to start position on stop” by double-clicking on the stop button in the transport controls! PLEASE!! :pray: :pray: :pray:

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Another 6 months to wait then. Pathetic.

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I’ve got to say I thought this was going to be a disaster, but actually setting up a key command to return to start position works just fine fellow cubasers :slight_smile:
Instead of double clicking on stop, I just press “v”

Very annoying as I use the Stop button on my midi controller now I have to use my keyboard or mouse to return to the start of a song, another problem that has ruined my work flow

are you sure that the problem you’re having the is the same as what is reported in this topic?

This topic is about clicking on the stop button with the mouse, not a remote device.

With the Stop button of your MIDI controller it’s not the same… still… you can set the behaviour to return to start on stop… it’s a preference

I am also having the same problem as everyone else here but I have noticed it on my midi controller too.

It might be another issue but I used to be able to press stop on my Komplete keyboard twice then the song would return to the start. I am hoping that when this main issue is resolved my midi controller will work as normal too

Thanks I am not sure how to do that but I will read some manuals and do some research

It is somewhat surprising how much I have been relying on this small little function since 20 years with Nuendo! I’m really having a hard time editing anything without the ability to return to start with the second click on the stop button. That’s really funny!!!


Hi dave

I’m going back to 10.5 until this problem is fixed.
I can’t work like this

KInd Regards