One Feature I'd like Cubase 14 to have

I’ve used Logic Pro for 6 years before switching to Cubase and never went back.

But there’s ONE feature from logic I miss the most:

When working with many tracks, and solo some tracks to edit, the rest tracks, along with their MIDI AREA are geyed out, which makes it very easy to select the right midi areas to edit, especially when they are far from the track head all the way on the left.

For many of us working with hundreds of tracks and zoom all the way out (over a super long timeline if a cue is 5-10 minutes long, or sometimes 20min-60min), this could very much enhance the proficiency and accuracy to select and edit certain midi areas.

See the attached screenshot of Logic. Imagine the tracks are 10 times more and longer and smaller.

I think I’ve asked for this feature some years ago but it hasn’t happened so I’m giving it another shot.



Add the optional feature-request tag to your post, please.

as a workaround it´s easy to show only soloed tracks:
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I second this. I added some additional feature requests for Logic users considering switching to Cubase,