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Is anyone experiencing odd behaviour with the online user manual?

I’m seeing a brand new UI and I’ve been automatically signed out of my account.

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Oh, yes, I just noticed it too. I think they are updating the Help, introducing may be the announced improvements

Oh: it seems the update already just happened :slight_smile:
If you go the the home of steinberg help, you can reach the new Dorico Help Site, with amazing new functionalities: language and versions switch, etc… :smiley:

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I still see the problem that I’m logged out on the Help site.

If I try to login I get the message that my credentials are invalid, but the user and password works on the other Steinberg sites without problems. So there seems to be a different account system behind this help site.

Sorry, but your MySteinberg IDs are not connected to the new help portal.
We’re happy that you’ve already discovered the new features of Please feel free to give us feedback any time. This will be much appreciated.

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Thanks, Christina. I’ve updated my bookmark. I note that there are 5 differences in the base URL: add /r/ in the path, change underscore to hyphen, remove “v” and add point number, and make sure there is no slash after the language code, otherwise the site throws an error.

Does this mean that the thousands of links to the manuals in these forum threads will no longer work?

Mark, you can trust that my learned and incredibly capable colleague Ben has put a considerable amount of time and energy into covering all the necessary bases for redirecting old links to their corresponding pages on the new portal.

Any issues will be taken care of in his typically comprehensive and elegant style.


Not this Lillie, if you open any family ( Only “popular” links work…

They’ve done their best and…

For me at least the dorico help is totally inaccessible currently.

Hi @klafkid , what you mean inaccessible? The new link to the Help (manual) for dorico Pro 5.1 is this:
Dorico Pro 5.1 Help - English

the new link for the Help is this: Product Manuals & Support Articles

For whom may need it, the First Steps Documentation is here:

Dorico 5 First Steps

Hi @Lillie_Harris , hi @Ben_at_Steinberg (I hope this is the correct person),
thank you for the great Work! I can confirm that the links to the manual in the Forum are correctly redirected to the new Help.

But indeed following the Archive link, the further links bring to an Error “The document you are looking for has been moved or deleted”. This can be confusing for some users. (I am sure that this will be corrected).
CleanShot 2024-06-15 at 02.21.06

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Yes, somehow I ended up in exactly this part.

This seems to work this morning. Yesterday I ended up in an endless loop, when I tried to open the Archive, today I can access the old help system without problems.

Thanks Christian, I know, but the original link was, thus some users may have bookmarked it. Probably it should be redirected, as any other old link, as Lillie posted. Note that docs is still the link used also by the new Help, for all the Archive documentation. For instance and all the previous manuals.

I, like many people, often still use google. Not that Steinberg could possibly have any direct control over the indexing of what google shows (quite often it directs me to the V3 and V2 manuals!), but I wonder if there could be some clear way to adjust those older pages to make very clear they are old, such as a darker gray background and large banner at top for redirection to the new site? I’m sure the team has considered this, I just wanted to throw it out there since google is a frequent point of access for many users as well (as opposed to bookmarks).


Google offers a great way to search for Dorico guidance. Unfortunately, the results it returns often apply to (much) older versions.

I’m sure there isn’t an easy or practical fix for that, though it could be helpful if the online Steinberg Dorico help pages offered a pulldown link at the top of the various pages that would make it easy for users to navigate to the latest help file for whichever version they are using.

That’s precisely what they’ve done on the new help pages. See e.g. Steinberg


Yes, the trouble is that new example will not be the first website shown in a basic google search, unfortunately – so I think those old pages could have some type of visual banner or designation at the top to clarify/redirect when a new user finds themselves there unaware.

Not sure if it is regional to me but for example if I type in Google “Dorico how to condense” the very first few results go straight to V3 manual. “Dorico how to explode” top result is from V2.

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