Only two months until Cubase 9!

Sorry folks, I couldn’t resist as I was looking at calendar and that popped into my head as if history is any indication it will likely be released in early December.

I realize this topic is likely to spawn the “They shouldn’t put out a new release until the bugs in current versions are addressed” talk but frankly I don’t share that view.

Over the years the vast majority of issues I have experienced have been due to my machine and peripheral configuration and not the software. Those that were actual bugs were minor annoyances that I may or may not have noticed.

I realize that may not be the case for everyone but I do this for fun and a new release is always fun, especially when I can leave the previous version installed right next to it in case of “emergencies”.

Not sure I want to pay yet again, again, again for additional functionality I don’t yet know if I want, whilst basic long-term issues persist?

MIDI timing inconsistency anybody?

Consistently hanging/crashing on shut-down?

eLicenser flakiness and constant updates?

New USB devices not recognised without a re-start.

…just a few things that have really bugged me for years. The MIDI timing thing is unforgivable - it’s basic DAW functionality and it still seems to be experienced by a lot of people. Even if it is caused by configuration issues, they still don’t all seem to have been root-caused and explained yet. It’s so damned re-creatable too.

Really, this lemming like desire for a new annual release of unknown content is just a gift to an opportunistic (unscrupulous?) supplier.

I think, that I can hear timing inconsistency issues sometimes on my snare drum hit a bit out of sync. Maybe I am imagining, not sure. Anyone else?

I hope, that the next version will make better use of the CPU speed.

Don’t think there is any significant issue with vsti playback as there is with midi recording and/or external hardware.
So if your snare is a vsti then you’re probably imagining it.

I may be wrong…but you can just record it to audio and inspect the timing for yourself to find out.

As Cubase 9 approaches and the fact that Steinberg are going 64bit only I do think a big re write and update of the entire program will be on its way, possibly more integrated and looking like the excellent Wavelab 9 GUI. I can see C9 as being a new major development of the Cubase line.

I don’t have much hope for Cubase. I have no idea what else they can offer and charge for a full update with it. I doubt they are able to improve performance significantly. I fear they will make it even worse, performance is getting worse with each new version. Only bug fixes are really necessary. But how can they charge much for that? We already paid for working version 8, bugfixes were expected to be delivered for the price paid, but they never came out. Just silence from Steinberg, very little done regarding bugs. If they just push c8 bugfixes over to c9, and charge again for it, it will look real bad.
From my side, even if C8 is the last version ever, I wouldn’t mind. I just want those bugs fixed, for the versions I already paid for. Microsoft figured out they will not be able to sell the same thing with new make up forever, so they made it the last version, and free updates will follow forever (if they can survive like that).
I have no idea how Steinberg will make their bucks much longer out of Cubase. Better they give it out for free, and start selling sample packs or templates or something… Cubase will never be smooth like Studio One, or clever like Ableton Live, or flexible and stable like Reaper. Steinberg is unable to keep up with development of other DAWs. Cubase is what it is, any big change would cost too much now, it is old DAW, and it will stay like that for the next 10 years. They will put out C9 with half-baked mini sampler and some new options to color faders or something cosmetic like that, and everybody will applaud them like it is the best thing in universe. Meanwhile other DAWs are marching forward, leaving Cubase more and more behind.

TRUE … Ableton Live being the new industry standard…for EDM, for oldschool Hiphop etc everyone uses Live nowadays.
Why? cause:
-No inserts FX limits
-Some nice “in the box” plugins, like the SimpleSampler, with nice onboard function Cubase don’t give (like for a sampler you gotta pay 350€ for Halion…whawhattttt?) etc

Cubase is already 64-bit. If anything they would have abandoned the 32-bit version. Or just ceased to develop it.

Strange that this was moved to the steinberg lounge (aka the place where posts go to die) being that it is directly about Cubase and make sense to be included in general. The conspiracy theorist in me suspects who ever did was trying muffle the conversation.


Muffled you they did not! I read you loud and clear!

Kkssssh…over… kkssssh…

I know Cubase is already 64 bit but they have said the next version will be ONLY 64 bit. I would see a reason for this is to work on new code and not have to cripple the program with 32 bit compatibility allowing for a complete re write of the code brining it up to date.

When you say 32-bit compatibility, do you mean plugins? Compatibility with what?

When I say 32 bit compatibility I was meaning the 32bit Cubase program, ie on a 32 bit OS. While they are now dropping the 32 bit program in the next release I would like to see it as away forward when writing a new 64 bit only version of the Cubase program. I’m not a programmer but my thoughts were that by keeping compatibility with 32 bit OS’s that might hold back real NEW development of a major program re-write, being 64 bit only this might open new doors to more streamlined programming with more efficiency and new possibilities. (a bit like MS used to have windows operating over DOS holding it back if you see what I mean).


These problems STILL happening with a product specifically named “Cubase PRO”. And after 10 x months none of them are fixed!?



I bet that after C9 we will still have to restart Cubase to get added USB devices recognized.

I had to log in to reply to some of the trashing/bashing.Sure, has certain bugs.Honestly, for me 8.5 works really good.

“Cubase will never be smooth like Studio One, or clever like Ableton Live, or flexible and stable like Reaper.”

Are you kidding me?People actually compare the mess that is S1 to a superior DAW like Cubase?
Who would want to jump from Cubase to the mess that is S1.Also, it murders your cpu like no other DAW.

Flexible and stable like Reaper.Well then just sell it and be done with it, i dont get it people.Why the constant bashing and crying? Cubase offers way more tools for pro work than ANY other daw.Its stable and very cpu friendly.

The end.

S1 is way more CPU friendly here… on 3 pc’s with windows 8.1 and 10.

Sorry to report that, but here Cubase has never been as CPU friendly as S1 (or Reaper) :wink:

That said Cubase 8.5 is stable as a piece of sophisticated software like this can be IMO. It is also my DAW of choice… Even though I “bash” the mixer, which I really don’t like (clickfest galore IMHO).

But yes, Cubase as a whole is a very good DAW :slight_smile:

I really hope Cubase 9 won’t feature this idiotic ribbon. I already hated it when it got introduced in Sibelius and I’m happy they didn’t implement it in Dorico. While that ribbon seems the way to go on Window machines, there’s not one typical Mac app featuring this stupid thing.

But we shall see. I still have Logic Pro X and even Studio One 3 to switch back to if needed :mrgreen:

I have friends all over the world who reported the same about S1 and the way it murders your cpu.
Reaper is different story, probably one of the best optimized DAWs.
Seems like you have issues with Cubase/Hardware, its very cpu friendly.