Only two months until Cubase 9!

Nope… Both Cubase and Studio One runs fine here… It’s just that S1 is much more cpu friendly.
Always been the case when setting up the exact same sied projects (tracks, plugins etc)

PS. On 3 different pc’s… on Windows 10.

That said… some plugins not Windows 10 compatible have been known to “bog down”, or even stop S1 from loading.

I just saw, on Musicians Friend and Guitar Center, that C8.5 purchases are including a free upgrade to C9, which must mean the grace period date has passed…

It’s not that it passed. It means that if you activate Cubase 8.5 now you’ll be within grace period.

Yes. That is what i meant. The date on which the grace period starts has passed. I dont believe there is an end to the grace periods.


I can say that yesterday was the very first time I really consider to look Reaper tutorials…

Guyz, You should stop to say CP is stable… Seriously. I used to believe it before too, until I realise I was just blind about all those crashes. I remember Cubase 6.5 was really stable… CP8.5 is not stable by no mean.
(Windows 10 didn’t help…OK but now it’s standard).

I am one of those who think that a rewrite like WAVELAB 9 is a necessity NOW:
Kill all kikoos (We are almost all ready for that) - Make the heavy beast a new flexible catlike - Use all CPU cores (to make sure that one’s resources are used effectively!!!) - etc.

Hopefully Steinberg Team shared that point of VIEW early enough.

Yeah. Maybe The End. Period.

I can’t remember … does Steinberg release official years ahead of release?

I think I remember one or two (Bass Amp?) prior to the last release, but I can’t be sure.

All I want is to make what we’ve got better. Much better. With a capital b. Then add useless crap on top if they want. Well maybe not useless. Pointless maybe. Well maybe not pointless. Not necessary perhaps. Stuff that some people would like but in reality they don’t really need. There you go, you try to be all things to all men and it all ends up in a mess. What we’ve got but better. I don’t know who suggested that but, my he must be cool.

It’s interesting that Cubase never gets announced even 5 minutes before release, yet many other Steinberg products do. I don’t know what that’s all about, especially since there is now a public grace period which applies to buying 8.5. The wisdom has always been that you can’t pre-announce without cannablising current sales - well that point is now moot.

They keep testing Cubase till the very moment of release and if suddenly they find another bug they’ll just delay release with no loss for the reputation. :laughing:

Incredible reading everyone’s troubles with Cubase here - I don’t have any of the issues that people are experiencing in OS X with an RME MADI card as the interface.

I suppose it’s difficult writing for so many platforms and interfaces.

Bring on 9!

It will come (in time for the christmas shopping)… Ready or not :wink:

They’ve hit the last several releases bang on actually. Arguably though, what you say is exactly what they SHOULD do…

Having recently upgraded to wave-lab pro 9, and having cubase pro 8.5. I really hope they do take interface ideas from wave-lab into cubase, The ribbon bar is a work of genius IMO. The whole wavelab 9 interface feels modern and far superior to cubase.

I find CP 8.5 to be stable on my system, i’m not a heavy weight user, probably 5 - 6 hours a week (Mixing down multi-track audio) and I stick to stock plug-in and have a Steinberg sound-card, Which undoubtedly help keep things stable

Adding a sampler would be great a Halon SE, just basic sampling looping and key groups, layers blending etc etc, no big synthesis engine or FX systems. Just a software akai s3000 would be perfect!

One of my gripes with Steinberg is non transferable Plugs in. I dream of using master rig and post filter inside cubase, and Reverence and Reverlation inside Wavelab for example. I under stand its added layer of protection again them been hacked illegally been set free, and probable licensing agreement small print with 3rd party developers, But come on make it happen!

I dream of better modulation options been added, cross plug-in cross tracks so you could off set cut off filter values on multiple tracks, and the re verb time on them and control it all from one control should you wish.

Or link re-verb size to the level of compression, or midi note value to EQ frequency, Midi note velocity too Guitar amp model etc etc the possibility are endless.

That all said, I love Cubase, and think its dose a great job of been good at everything, Wanna mix down multi track audio, cool its can do it, Wanna compose a track using midi and vst instruments, cool it dose it, Wanna Record real instruments and vocals along with internal or external midi, yup it dose it, Wanna edit or master some audio you guessed it it can do it. The point I am making is I love its flexibility, and know its also its downfall, It will never be perfect at any one thing. but I can live with that.


Anyone know, if I activate my Cubase 8.5 after Cubase 9 is released, do I still get Cubase 9 for free in terms of the grace period?

Thanks -


Thanks for your answer, Strophoid, I couldn’t find that anywhere on a Steinberg site.

Have you done what I wrote, or know someone who has?

Thanks again!

Yep, I’ve done it before and my upgrade to 8.5 is sitting here waiting for the release of 9 :wink:


I can’t imagine I would jump on 9 right away, I usually wait for the x.5 plus one to get on board with the next version. I might even wait until the next 8.5 fix gets released (soon, I hope) to use 8.5 (happy enough on 7.5.40 currently).

Exciting times, anyway!

Thanks again -

FYI… the details of how the grace period works is explained quite well by Fabio Bartolini (a Steinberg Tech Support person) in this thread (11 posts down).

Regards. :sunglasses: