open insert plugin by selecting track

is it possible somehow to open plugin or all plugins of a selected track and close the other tracks plugins just by clicking or moving from track to track?
the thing is when dealing with fast mixing i don’t want to open and close plugins all the time,only open a plugin of selected track and other tracks plugin will be closed automatically

maybe a macro or PLE programing ?


I tried to do these steps, but I wans’t succesfull. There are some Focus limitation, I can’t get thru.

+1 as a feature request. It would make an excellent built-in Project Logical Editor preset.

I know of no way of doing this and I’m not proficient in writing macros or using the PLE, but I really see the value and like the concept. This way, as you’re going over a complex mix with many plug-ins, you can just select the track and that whole set of plug-ins would appear, you go to the next track and those close and the next set open up. Maybe it would be an Effects or Plug-ins Rack, so as you go from track to track, all the Send and Insert effects, etc. would be placed in a rack for easy editing and automation. A real click saver and keeps the attention focused on the mixing process. This sort of argues for the value of having a good mixing desk of some kind, so probably most relevant to ITB engineers.

I’d post a version of this as a feature request. Good concept.

Thanks for trying…
Would be nice as a feature request Stephen.
Some kind of "mixing"mode with inserts plugin rack opend for selected track… Somthing similar to channel central?

Exactly. I’m seeing a third tab where Track/Rack and Media Bay appears on the right, “Track Plug-In” that would dynamically change with selected track.

Maybe one of the Marco gods or Logical Editor gods will figure out how to build a one button, one click method to make a track display all of its insert and send items editor.

I’m finding that using the Channel Strip is the fastest way I know to quickly access the Inserts and Sends and plug-in editors for same. I go from track to track while keeping the Strip Box on screen. I need to learn navigating around the Mix Console faster. “All in good time, my pretty,” I tell the program… hah. :laughing:

To open all the inserts move the mouse over the “e” symbol and alt+shift+left click
But doing it automatically I think would only be possible with some external scripting.
Really cool feature btw. That makes sense and should be easy to implement.

The shortcut is Shift+Alt only, + click to “e”. Ctrl is not necessary in this case. :wink:

No ctrl is not, that’s why I did not write it :slight_smile:

Also any other key is not necessary. Just these, you described. Just to make it clear… :slight_smile:

I don’t know, why I read it in your post. :sunglasses:

Yep… I know about the opening all track inserts and also close all open plugins,but its little different to what I wanted.
Its should be (as I see it.)like The channel settings window,where you move to diffrenet channel it follows… So maybe a kind of insert floating rack is needed like in studio one, to avoid popping all plugins Gui at ones… I cant count how many times I tweaked the wrong plugin of other channel,and need to open and close plugins just moving from channel to channel,lot of clicking… So I think a special option forl “mixing mode” to have rack plugin container following track could help workflow speed and mistakes.

+1 and probably more. I’ve been needing this feature for years! If I’m editing BVs say and they’ve all got the same plugins applied, but slightly different settings it can be a nightmare to make sure you’re editing the correct plugin, but if they popped up and popped down on channel selection it’d be so much easier.

I’d refine the feature too so that it remembers which were popped up last time rather than popping up all plugins.


+1 for “effects rack” that floats with track selection. Maybe a third tab in “racks” so you’d have – Instruments, Media Bay, Effects Rack

You’d have to have some options to leave the effects GUI’s opened or closed automatically when you changed tracks. Sometimes, don’t you want to be listening to one track while adjusting something on another track? You’re mixing background Vocals but, at the same time, need to be adjusting Delay on the guitars – and so on. A simple choice to “leave open” or “close all” or “close selected” kind of thing would probably be needed.

+1 – thanks for the tip.


That’s exactly what Ableton Live does (if you activate the respective preference) and it’s great there!
Super nice if you want a dedicated metering plug on your channels, but of course only need it visible while working on the respective channel, for example.

i did FR for that back then after this topic…
in the steinberg survey they had few days ago about new cubase features,they had the option to have floating rack window for plugins, if its gonna be there hope they also implement the FR in this topic.

i still think its a good feature for speeding mixing workflow and avoiding mistakes mentioned here while mixing :bulb: