Open up MIDI inserts to 3rd party development - Makes sense with MIDI 2.0 being released - new possibilities

We’ll see what happens with 10.5, but if MIDI plugins are going to be on Steinbergs update cycle timewarp, then I think we need 3rd party MIDI plugin development.

Apart from things like MIDI plugins GUI which many haven’t been updated, the feature set being rather minimal or constrained, workflow oversights, etc… They have bugs.

A lot of people have talked about Beat Designer needing an overall modernizing - there is also a bug with this one - Jump is not working for me.

StepDesigner does not save CC Controllers to presets which is so annoying. It also has problems recalling the CC controller setup in certain instances. There is a problem with ‘Record to Track’ altering the playback or performance somehow as well.

A handful of the GUIs I’m pretty sure are still from SX3 days (dat blue though :laughing: )


Having the option to write your own MIDI plugins would be the bomb :sunglasses:

Yes it would be very cool and open up new development market.

Also, MIDI 2.0 is being released so there’s so much new potential here.


Thanks for the +1s everyone, this deserves a bump imo.

Not much has changed, but StepDesigner CC setup saves problem was fixed.


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