Open VST GUI follows track selection

Please. Will save 1000 clicks per day.



But man… I’m beyond annoyed at this point they couldn’t add this one feature that arguably is WAY more important to workflow and saving time than most of the newer features they introduce are (and have introduced the last decade).
It’s SO goddamn simple.
They were asking about vst/gui docking in a survey 2 years ago and it was high up on the list. This isn’t even a dock… it’s just a workaround, really.
Honestly… every time I change screen sets, and my vst disappears. Or I have to close one vst and open another for the gazillionth time, I fume.
Studio One has had this since launch. And of all it’s features, I’d put it up there with the drag n’ drop stuff they pioneered.
All these features they introduce feel superfluous and trite. A dynamic EQ? A new delay (again)? A squasher? An imager? I got a few of each of those already. The eq isn’t even built into the channel. That would at LEAST make it a workflow improvement. But it’s ‘frequency’. So it’s another window to open and close. And ok… if you’re a new DAW buyer, that stuff is fine. But they have a lot more folks like me, who’ve owned Cubase since SX, that have most of these tools than they do new buyers. You could argue that if you don’t have some of these tools already, you’re probably starting out and it’s not gonna make a huge difference anyway whether your eq is dynamic or not.
Besides… all these new fx and such… if you’re desperately needing one, there are SO MANY options out there. Even things like the sampler track & slicing etc. You CAN find 3rd part alternatives that exist.
You know what we can’t do Steinberg? We can’t buy a 3rd party plugin that will update your antiquated, messy window structure and allow us to not open and close friggin windows a thousand times a day.
Majorly disappointed for another year. I need to stop assuming they’ve worked this stuff out finally and get my hopes up.
Man, I’d love to move to another DAW… just as a protest. But Studio One is the only one that grabs me… and I’m so used to the way Cubase does lane comping and hate how Studio One does it. I guess you could argue that Presonus keep dropping the ball in those areas just like Steinberg does in these ones.


Have to agree. This is still missing. Still no pinch to zoom on trackpad (I know huge trackball using fanboy ‘pros’ will say no need) and lots of other workflow features would be more exciting for me more than a bunch of new plugins which I am not even curious to check out.

You know what is exciting for me?
Holding the header of sends or inserts block and dropping it to another channel and all inserts and sends are copied over instantly.
Plıugin headers with track colors
Dragging midi region to an audio track and dragging it back to midi even after edits
Seeing everything on the inspector without opening and closing drawers like an accordion.
Seeing everything in the docked mixer not just fader or inserts or sends.
Simple way to create plugin chains
Folder visibility sync with the console.
Buss Convertible folders etc

Yes all Studio One and Presonus is thinking like the end user and try to do everything as simple as possible and listen the users.
And I think I will go back since finally it is really stable on Mac and Cubase 11 shows that Steinberg has different roadmap than what I need and for media work I will use Logic until Studio One closes that gap which I think is not that far away.

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Cubase is a clickfest. Currently, one has to open/close and reposition plugins constantly.


The basic workflow features should be prioritized before plugin enhancements and additions. The needs are written out all over this forum, and for the most part they are straightforward adjustments.


for the 100 time +1
steinberg miss some important things that will make life easier with cubase click station
the new export for example looks cool, but how many users really use that every day, all day ?!
thinks like vst gui follow track selection will affect every users every day and hundreds of clicking save per day



I like it. Yes, anything and everything to smooth out the clickfest!

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I would say +1, but…
According to the speed the GUIs are opening, we will not be happy with this feature. I know that Logic has this feature but somehow it works very fast, but Cubase opens any GUI very slowly. Maybe it’s only on my two computers.

I have to say this is one thing that baffles me with Cubase. The amount of clicks you have to do to locate a plugin and open it.
With reaper you can tell it to have the open fx window follow track selection, open fx window on track select etc etc. Then all these things can be assigned to actions, shortcuts etc etc.

This is one thing (along with no freezing of buss/fx tracks) is making me consider if I can get along in Cubase.

+1 This should have been implemented years ago.

As always while working on computer to create music, my left hand is on keyboard and right hand on mouse. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is working this way. So I put VST open/close command to a “tilde” key and I’m happy :slight_smile: Even I’m in Key editor, pressing that key will always open current VST. So don’t blame Cubase only for sport!

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YES PLEASE!!! I want that option in Cubase.
Like we have option in Channel settings (e):
Follow “e” buttons or selection changes

I wish we have that in every plugin window.

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+1 - this would be great but yeah - plug-in windows are slow to open in Cubase - so that needs fixing also

It is not about easily opening and closing plugin window. Im sure a lot of people use that. I use V key for that by the way.
It is about following the selected track for the already open plugin window.


As much as this is true, a lot of people are also not working this way. So this need is not out of thin air but an actual need for some. people.

Your no need for it does not make it for sports or less important. You suggest everybody should work like you do which makes no sense.

Indeed Studio One is best for you. I’m sure.

You are sure of a lot of things

hopefully we se it in cubase 11.5

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Still no movement on this. What in god’s name are they working on over at Cubase that’s more important than this?! Steinberg, just keep ignoring fundamental workflow improvements and we’ll see how many paying customers you retain.