Option to not add new track to any visibility configurations

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE could you give us the option to NOT add a newly created track to any visibility configurations?

It’s super annoying, if i’ve spent lots of time making my vis configs just how i want for easy access to various elements and groupings in the production / mix, to have any newly created track added to EACH AND EVERY ONE!!!

It just doesn’t make sense!

I understand it would be problematic as the default setting (“hey, i just created a track, where the hell is it??!!”), but please give us just a teensy-weensy little check box, somewhere in the bottom right corner, almost totally greyed-out if needs be, with the option to NOT add it to any vis configs!!!



Dear GOD is this annoying. I add a track and now need to edit and re-save 10 visibility settings. Every. Single. Time.

Makes visibility settings frankly far less useful if they’re constantly changing.

I really, really hope this feature/preference is added soon.

+1000 even if you can create a macros for this… but a option menu in the “Add Track” windows to choose which visibility we want put that track on…

this needs to happen!



Yes. Yah, yerps yeah yup. +1. Selectively pls, like “lock” visibility cfg