Option to oversample any plugin

Hello all,

I’ve been thinking for while that it would be great option to have to be able to oversample any plugin. Many great sounding plugins that add harmonics (saturation and distortion and such) don’t have an option to oversample, so they tend to sound a bit nasty when pushing those saturation knobs to more extreme levels because of aliasing.

It could be an extra little button at the plugin slot that opens a drop-down menu of 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x or something, and then that one plugin would be oversampled to whatever you choose
Of course one could put the whole project to high sample rates, but that’s a bit of overkill and not quite as flexible imho (sometimes you’ll want more than what even a 192kHz project can offer there, and in most cases 192kHz is not very necessary imho).

I also think such an option would be great marketing for Steinberg as they’ve been enabling the idea for a while that their summing sounds better than other DAWs. Although I’m not sure how much validity is there in that idea, but having an option built-in to make any plugin potentially sound better than in other DAWs would help pushing that general notion to a new level.



That would be very nice. But I can also be “extended”, you can have a options that enable this for all plugs on mixdown, freeze etc.

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But this is something that has be coded into the plugins.


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Yes, but that is exactly the problem: many plugins just don’t do that, even otherwise great sounding plugins. Having it built into Cubase itself would instantly make many plugins sound better and relieves the burden on the plugin developers.
I think it would be relatively easy to code into the VST interface of Cubase itself, and then we won’t have to depend on all plugin developers to do that anymore.

Indeed! Those are all great ideas :+1:

Great idea, I use Metaplugin to oversample plugins but it’s uncomfortable, having a native cubase option would be a lot better … or using a resampler plugin as in wavelab!
It would be amazing to have an option it the mixdown tab to oversample all the project before applaying plugins processing then downsample to the desired samplerate as you can do in samplitude, sequoia, studio one and reaper!

But this is something that has be coded into the plugins.

The Cakewalk developers disagree with you…


This would be an absolutely great feature to have. Voted!

Reaper just implemented this feature. Along with a built in wet/dry knob this would be nice to have foe certain plugins!


+1 , this feature in Reaper is great


Also it would be great to be able to oversample entire plugin chains, as then multiple down/upsample processes could be avoided (only one up/downsample process to save resources).


+1 Voted!

want it!

voted :slight_smile:

Done right this could be a game changer that would get some existing plugins to the next level.

+1 for this feature request

Someone asked me about this feature. He is a Reaper user. It is a pity that I have to answer that Cubase does not have this option. I vote +1 too

It might also be useful to up/downsample the whole plugin chain, so that the conversion only happens once, not for every individual plugin.



I think nobody would disagree about having a feature like this. Hopefully Steinberg will take advantage of this feature so they prioritize this request. Finger crossed! +1