Ornaments - specifically TURNS & TRILLS

Am I doing something wrong, or is Dorico not playing the TURN ornament? Please advise.

Also, how do I indicate accidentals in TURNS & TRILLS? I can’t find any mention of these issues.

Thank you for an otherwise excellent program. It is so much quicker to make edits than Avid’s Sibelius.

The only ornament that Dorico can generate itself is the Trill. (The exact nature of most other ornaments is open to musicological debate…)

Also arpeggios and glissandos. The Jazz inflections can be passed to sample patches that support them.

The display of accidentals in trills can be controlled in Engraving Options > Ornaments > Trill Intervals.

If you need to adjust the interval of a given trill or turn, you can do that in the Properties panel.

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It’s possible to make Dorico play anything you want, using the “add staff” workaround. Use Add staff, write the notes and rhythms you want for your turn, and hide (or delete) the added staff. Make sure you set the mute playback property on the appearing turn, so that Dorico only plays what’s hidden, and there you have it.

Yes unfortunately turns & mordents etc are not currently supported with playback, although I believe that is on their list of things to update in the future.

Here’s the page in the manual introducing the section on ornaments, with a note about expected playback (or lack thereof, in this case); this page is the 2nd result when searching “turn playback”

For showing accidentals either above or below ornaments like turns, see here:

For trills, the procedure is a bit different - see this page and the following set of pages for more info

I sure hope they give us some kind of window in which we can create and save our own.

Any graphics artists out there who feel like creating this???

I once made a feature request about this. :wink:

You set the interval properties in the lower panel…

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