OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) & Cubase 7/7.5?

OS X 10.10 is here. I have read some postings about Cubase’s compatibility (issues) spread out in several topics. However, I think it would be of interest to all Mac users to have these findings consolidated into one topic.

So, anyone who has tested Cubase 7/7.5 with OS X 10.10. Please post your findings in this topic. (But for everyone’s sake, keep it clean. No rantings, please)

10.10 on imac mid 2007 with elements. yosemite has been good generally on the mac, but elements keep crashing on quits, save presets, loading plugins and is on this mac not reliable at all. I will wait to install yosemite on my mac pro with cubase 7.5 but with just little testing cubase 7.5 seems more stable than elements generally (on the imac)

Hi there!

I highly recommend you to wait until an official statement regarding the compatibility of Steinberg products with the upcoming OS X 10.10 has been released. If applicable, some patches and/or compatiblity installers will be released after all tests have been finished (only for supported products). Please take into account that some programs might not show the expected or correct results, unless you reset its preferences to the factory settings. Until further notice, OS X 10.10 won’t be supported officially yet, but it would be very useful to get some feedback about the results of your tests.

Hi - just a quick update on my own very limited testing of Yosemite and 7.5.3. I’ve got a Core i5 Macbook Pro (dual core) and a Core i7 iMac (quad core).

Having run the Yosemite Beta on the macbook over the summer, I have found Cubase has run OK for me so far, including using the final released Yosemite build. I’ve generally used the built in sound on this machine. So I thought I would be safe to install Yosemite on the iMac, which has been using Cubase under Mavericks flawlessly over this period.

However, once this machine had (final) Yosemite installed, immediately I had serious over-runs on the ‘real time peak’ meter under relatively light project loading. Reducing the sample rate and increasing the buffer brought some small improvement but the system was still not able to play more than a couple of VSTs at once. This machine is using Focusrite Saffire Pro with the latest (Yosemite) driver. I also tried this machine using the built in sound, and tried to reinstall the audio drivers again. Same result, so I am leaning towards thinking the problem is not with the Focusrite.

Because I want to use the iMac over the weekend I have decided to roll it back to Mavericks for now. So I will be able to confirm if this fixes the problem once the restore process is complete in a few hours. But I would be interested to know if anyone else has any problems with Yosemite and Cubase? And also if anyone has any suggestions! I have tried all the buffer / sample rates / audio priority / ASIO guard options with little improvement. Could it be a problem that is limited to i7’s or quad-core processors?

I’ve had good success with Yosemite. Feel free to check out my post in another thread for some details.

Aloha F,

Sounds like a very good plan indeed.


I’ve decided to wait on my main system. I found that the VST3 version of u-he Diva is now not playing nice under both Mavericks and Yosemite in any case. This is new behaviour on my system and I am not clear what changed (note that u-he recommend using the VST2 version anyway).

Another problem I found was that my version of Waves WLC (and latest V9 installer) is not working on Yosemite (for me anyway). I am nervous to update both machines to Yosemite in this case, in case I need to rebuild the license key.

Looking forward to hearing how others get on. I’ve enjoyed Cubase under the Yosemite beta, and it wasn’t all bad news.

Did a clean install of Yosemite today. Did then try to install Cubase 7 Artist with the Steinberg application installer for Yosemite. Installation was succesfull according to the installer. But Cubase is nowhere to be found on the computer. Much strange! So beware everyone who tend to be too quick updating.

Did you use the Yosemite install tool, when you installed. It is apparently required at the moment:

Check out orchetect’s excellent posting here:

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Yeah I did use the Steinberg tool. I put in the DVD disc containing Cubase Artist 7 and choose language. Then I swapped to the installation tool for Yosemite and went about the installation. It went fine. It even prompted me to put in the Sonic SE disc. To do so I had to close the installation window for Artist 7 in order to get the disc out and put the Sonic SE disc in. Things then continued to install. Then download manager (name?) initiated and downloaded the latest patch. After this the installation was done and successful according to the installer. But I can’t find Cubase on the damn computer :laughing: :confused:

I’m just now downloading the complete Artist 7 installer from Steinberg’s website to try to install from it instead from disc (with help from the Yosemite installer tool).

OK so this helped. I got the image file from the Steinberg website and installed it through the Yosemite installation tool. Cubase is now up and running. You have to use the tool also when updating to the latest version btw.

I jumped on to Yosemite when it came out and have so far had zero issues on my top spec Late 2012 27" i7 iMac.
I also use the UR28m without any issues.
My Complete plugins and addictive drums all seem to be working fine.
Obviously if your unsure wait for official word but I am actually really really impressed with this excellent update to OSX.

Maybe Sternberg can make use of the fact Notification centre widget system one day…all it takes is a little imagination.

I just installed 10.10 on my mac mini (late 2012) 2.3GHz i7 with 16GB ram.
I’m running Cubase 7 elements.
I’m using a presonus audio box 22vsl for my audio out.

Cubase is crashing over and over. I’m just mixing some audio tracks.

The first time it hung up when I used the cut tool to split an audio event and then tried to normalize.
(normally it will ask if you want to create a new version so the normalize only effects the cut version and not the original. This time it hung up before that dialog box appeared. I had to force quit)

I had already done this on another track with out a problem.

I restarted and started working on the bass drum track using the channel rack gate, compressor and EQ. Was working fine for a while and then it crashed again.

I’ve had to force quit twice so far.

Two other times it crashed and a big error message box appeared with the option to restart.

It’s been very stable with the previous 10.9

I’m not sure what these things mean, but here are some error messages I’m seeing in the console:

10/18/14 11:38:02.103 PM Cubase LE AI Elements 7[1166]: WARNING: The Gestalt selector gestaltSystemVersion is returning 10.9.0 instead of 10.10.0. Use NSProcessInfo's operatingSystemVersion property to get correct system version number.
Call location:

10/18/14 11:20:35.973 PM Cubase LE AI Elements 7[1124]: Error: this application, or a library it uses, has passed an invalid numeric value (NaN, or not-a-number) to CoreGraphics API. This is a serious error and contributes to an overall degradation of system stability and reliability. This notice is a courtesy: please fix this problem. It will become a fatal error in an upcoming update.

After testing Yosemite and 7.5.30 on my external HDD I’m happy with the Preformace. I also installed it on my SSD and has been performing well so far no issues. Very slick OSX and looks good with Cubase.

I’m wondering whether I wait or not out the version of Cubase to Yosemite. Someone from tech support could come here and say if the version to Yosemite will leave soon or not. If it takes some time, I’d rather try to install with the Tools to Yosemite.

As with Steinberg, all my third-party plugs say “still testing - wait for now.”


As I have a first generation Mac Pro, which isn’t officially “supported” anymore, I can’t just install Yosemite that easily… :confused:
Just installed a new SSD drive and put a clean install with Mavericks on it.
The tool I used to install Mavericks is still in its beta version for Yosemite. I’ll wait till the final version is out before I switch… (I’ll be making a Super Duper back up before upgrading antway…) :mrgreen:

Another great idea! +1

Until now I’ve used Cubase 6.5 under yosemite with success, works great with Melodyne, Cubase 7.5 don’t play 96khz files with the internal audio board… :frowning: