Out now: Simon Phillips Studio Drums

Our latest VST Sound Instrument Set for Groove Agent 4 and Groove Agent SE 4 is a very special expansion pack: Simon Phillips Studio Drums features the legendary drummer Simon Phillips with his characteristic sound and feel of playing and recording drums. This set is ideal for rock, fusion, pop and blues, featuring a comprehensive range of drum sounds as well as including a premium selection of MIDI grooves and Styles.

Key features:

  • Original signature drum kit owned and played by Simon Phillips
  • Recorded by Simon Phillips at Phantom Recordings Studio in Los Angeles, USA.
  • 27 kit pieces including double kick drums, 6 alternate snare drums, gong drum and octobans
  • 24-bit recordings with up to 16 velocities and 5 round robins
  • 64 additional electronic trigger samples for kick and snare drums
  • 14 original Simon Phillips Styles for rock, fusion, pop and blues
  • Exclusive drum solo MIDI grooves played by Simon Phillips
  • Tunable room and overhead channels for kick, snare, toms and octobans
  • All Styles variable in complexity and intensity from within Groove Agent’s Style Player
  • Each Style includes several intros, fills and endings

Please make sure to update your Groove Agent to the latest version (4.2.20) before installing the expansion pack.

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Heads-up that downloads speeds are really slow. I have broadband cable - should take 30 minutes. My estimated download time is over one day. Is something wrong with Steinberg’s download server? Hmmm…?

Indeed, 10 hrs to go with 200mb line. What a shame :frowning: And I don´t think there is something wrong with the server. They are just to stingy to pay for a better pipe.

Same problem with the 10 hour downloads …, I have a 50 mbps Connection, never had such slow download speeds. Sort it out A.S.A.P.

It is disappointing that the launch of a new product is accompanied with the lack of the backend to support sales. It will apparently take me 10+ hours to download on a 75 mbps connection. This is incredibly poor service that has yet to be exceeded by any other online retailer I have purchased software from. This is a poor user experience after buying the product, prospective purchasers beware until there is official confirmation that these issues have been addressed. I will not be so fast to purchase further products from Steinberg in future. I have to say I expect better from a company that sells its software online.

20 hours on a 100mb connection here. Usually Steinberg stuff is very to quick to download for me, but it is very disappointing to see this server issue on the day of launch of a product.

Hi all,

Please excuse the inconvenience.

Unfortunately there seems to be an issue with the server of our shop provider.

You can also download the installers directly from our Steinberg server:



The server problem was fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you, that was much quicker! Successfully downloaded in less than an hour.


Thanks - working well now.

excellent release! Thank you.

Thank you

I believe I have found the first BUG in Simon Phillips drums. When you load up the drums and select edit page where you can see the actual drum kit, when you click on the drums with the mouse there is no sound. Also when you trigger the drums from a midi keyboard the individual drums do not “light up” so you can’t see which drum you are triggering. And YES I’m aware of the little button that mutes the drums from being triggered by using a mouse and it doesn’t work no matter the state of that button.

Can a few people please confirm. Thanks

Mac 10.4
Cubase 8.5

I think there are other bugs as well but this is really obvious.



Please update your Groove Agent to version 4.2.20 and you will be fine.

I found since there are so many samples in the kit, you have to give it time to load all the samples. You can see its busy by watching the disk load bar in info bar. Give it a half a minute. Then it worked fine!


I’ve noticed a balance bug - in mixer - left/right balance buttons show opposite to reality.
Also, I don’t hear any sound while clicking toms etc with a mouse.
(edited: after lates update it sounds now though balance is still reversed)



Hi Trito,

Please update your Groove Agent to version 4.2 to fix the issue with the sounds.

You can switch with the balance in the mixer since there are different opinions about how to pan drum recordings. Some engineers like to record from the drummers perspective, others from the listeners perspective in front of the drums.

Thanks Matthias, as I’ve noticed, sounds are ok but this opposite balance is unique to Phillips Studio Drums, other are “proper” :slight_smile:



Hi guys, just installed GA4, all is good. Just picked up Simon Phillips drums, and am having a hard time installing.
Keep getting a ‘stopped working CLR20r3’ type message.
I am on Win7, and I see after the fact that Win8 or 10 is recommended for this ‘expansion pack’, although GA4 installs fine on Win7?
Please don’t tell me I have to upgrade my OS just to play with Simon?