Output Name filtering -- Selecting MIDI tracks with the same Output

I’ve added it as a feature request, although, personally, I think more of a bug…

The Output Name/Channel filter in the Logical Editor currently appears to select Tracks based on their Inspector Output.
The problem lies in the fact that in the Track Inspector, Instrument Tracks have their output as the actual instrument (the VSTi itself), which is the MIDI output.
So in the current state, the Logical Editor is unable to seek for Instrument Tracks based on their Audio Output, since their Output are listed as MIDI outputs.
In order to do that, the Logical Editor should instead read the Output information from both the Track Inspector and the Audio Routing.
This way, Instrument Tracks could be selected based on their Audio Output.

Also the Logical Editor isn’t currently able to seek for Input Channels, either Audio or MIDI, that would be good to add that too.

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